Upper Extremity Prostheses

Though amputation of a body part could be the only solution to save a dying person from a complicated disease, a victim suffers lifelong with the loss of a limb. Apart from blood vessel disease, osteomyelitis, injury, or tumor removal, a person can lose a body part in an accident. Even after healing medically, the trauma of limb loss haunts you endlessly. However, Upper Extremity Prostheses can bring an end to your suffering. Upper extremity prostheses refer to the science of reconstituting artificial upper body parts. Prosthesis for upper extremity includes shoulder,elbow, wrist, transhumeral, transradial, transcarpal, transphalangeal, and transmetacarpal level. 

Aesthetic Presentation

Whether you like it or not, your missing limb or disfigured body gets plenty of stares. You can grab attention for your inner qualities instead of your exterior amputated body part with upper extremity prostheses. The light-weight cosmesis bestows the beauty of your body. Moreover, you have the advantage of getting a custom-made cosmesis that matches your skin color. The upper limb prosthesis is an endeavor to replicate the appearance of the missing body part. It further improves your self-esteem to lead a respectful life.

Mobility and Independence

You do not have to depend on someone to assist you with your daily task. Apart from adding aesthetic presentation, prosthesis helps to restore the functionality of your upper body and improve the quality of your life. Though you will not receive any sensory feedback from upper extremity prostheses, you can enjoy your mobility and independence. You can manipulate with the functions of your hands. A professionally-fitted prosthesis will ensure that you can bear weight, bend, and flex your body similar to your natural movements.

Returns your Lifestyle

After recovery from a near-death accident or ailment, you have got another chance to live your life. Why not make the best of it? However, the disfigured or amputated body part would not let you move on with life. You can choose from various options of suspensions based on your lifestyle, comfort, and daily activities. Upper extremity prostheses will help you return to your original lifestyle. Whether you want to dance or play a game, upper extremity prostheses will bring the smile back on your face.


Upper extremity prostheses are comfortable when attached to your residual limb. It offers flexibility and scope of expansion while you twist and turn. The prosthetic device is attached to your body with a harness enabling you to be in control. The harness loop works as an anchor for suspension and control cables. You can take care of heavy-weight lifting with a chest strap around your shoulder for proximal amputations. The comfort socket design and high-quality prosthetics materials provide ample space for reflex action.


Amputees or dysfunctional upper extremists can regain control over their life with upper extremity prostheses. The artificial limb can regain confidence and allow you to live your life to the fullest. Your physician, occupational therapists, orthopedic, and surgeons will reinforce that upper extremity prosthesis is the best solution as it offers innumerable advantages to lead your life in style.



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