Understanding Bathroom Partition Pricing and Are Phenolic Partitions Worth It?

There are just so many options you can choose from when it comes to building your facility’s bathrooms to ensure that it becomes a success. Choosing the right fixtures and features, as well as the bathroom partitions can go a long way. And if you’re concerned about the costs, you don’t always have to pick whatever is cheaper. You can simply look up the different bathroom partition pricing options to compare one material from the others. This is a vital step that will help you choose the right material for this project.

In any establishment, the bathrooms are one of the most used areas. Because of this, the materials need to withstand heavy traffic. The environmental factors of a bathroom also need the accessories and stalls to endure high humidity levels and minimize bacteria.

The choices you make can impact the overall costs of the project, whether it’s a new or renovated bathroom. Therefore, you need to learn the different materials and bathroom partition pricing options in order to make a sound decision. Ultimately, your decision can affect your clients’ bathroom experience.

Understanding bathroom partition pricing options

Making the right choices is necessary to ensure the success of this project. That includes choosing the right materials for the bathroom partitions. Different materials mean different features, qualities, and bathroom partition pricing options. If you’re on a budget, but you also want to provide the best bathroom experience to your clients, these pricing options should help you:

  • Phenolic partitions – They’re the most heavy-duty materials, which make them the best option. They come with a 25-year warranty and endless color choices, and the price starts at $650 per stall.
  • Plastic laminate partitions – They’re one of the most popular bathroom partitions because they aren’t too expensive. In fact, you can get them at $400 per stall. They come with chrome hardware, stainless-steel shoes, and an aluminum head-rail.
  • Powder coat partitions – Also another popular material used for bathroom partitions, the price starts at $315 per stall. If you’re on a budget, you might consider these as the best option.
  • Solid plastic partitions – They are known to be the most durable materials today, which is why they’re perfect for stadiums, airports, schools, and other high-traffic restrooms. You can get them at $475 per stall, which includes one-inch thick solid plastic material with stainless-steel shoes and aluminum hardware.
  • Stainless-steel partitions – If you’re looking for a more elegant look, then stainless-steel partitions are for you. They contain properties that help prevent corrosion and rust, as long as they aren’t installed near showers. They can definitely impress your clients, since they have accented aluminum head-rail and stainless-steel shoes, and you can get them at $600 per stall.

Bathroom partition pricing: Are phenolic partitions worth it?

Phenolic bathroom panels are made from paper layers, and these layers are pressed together and then covered with phenolic resin coating. Forming a strong composite, they can stand up to heavy impacts and are more resistant to graffiti, compared to the other bathroom partition materials. This makes the best option not only for high-traffic bathrooms but also for bathrooms with a higher risk of vandalism.

They have a water-resistant finish, which is why they have longer life spans, compared to the other bathroom partition materials. They may not be the most durable option, but they can still offer a great middle-ground when it comes to performance and price.

Below are three reasons why you should go for phenolic bathroom partitions:

  1. Durability – phenolic bathroom partitions are designed to last longer. The resins that comprise the material are designed for industrial applications. Because of this, they can resist all kinds of harsh conditions. They are water and graffiti-resistant, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to maintenance.
  2. Easy maintenance – Phenolic bathroom partitions are one of the materials that are easy to clean. Cleaning them doesn’t take hours of your staff’s time, and you can minimize the costs for maintenance. Choosing phenolic bathroom partitions can save you a great deal of hassle for your staff. You can also free up some of your staff and assign them to tasks that are more important than cleaning the bathroom.
  3. Strength – As you already know, phenolic materials can stand up to water and different types of graffiti. But what you didn’t know is that they’re also bacteria-resistant, so they’re perfect for communal bathrooms. They can withstand forces of up to 1,500 lbs so you don’t have to worry about them breaking due to vandalism and misuse. This saves you a lot of money from repairing or replacing them before their natural life span is over.
  4. Style – Phenolic bathroom partitions can fit any bathroom style and layout, even with endless choices of colors and different styles to choose from. You can choose from the ceiling or floor-mounted partitions, which can not only improve the functionality of the bathroom stalls but can also change the appearance of your bathroom. These phenolic bathroom partitions can accommodate whatever style your business needs.


Each bathroom partition material has its pros and cons, but you cannot ignore the benefits you can get from choosing phenolic bathroom partitions. Bathrooms are one of the most-used areas in any kind of establishment. For this reason, the materials you choose should be able to withstand heavy traffic.

Generally, the environmental factors of a bathroom need the stalls and accessories to withstand high levels of humidity and minimize bacteria. And you can only meet this criterion if you choose high-quality bathroom panel materials, such as phenolic bathroom partitions.

Bathroom partition pricing is a factor that can affect the project. Striking an optimal balance between the quality and the pricing will require a very careful selection of your bathroom accessories and equipment. Are phenolic bathroom partitions worth it? The answer is yes. After all, you wouldn’t need to replace them too frequently. They can last for at least a few years, minimizing the future expenses for replacing or repairing them.



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