Top 15 Random Topics to Talk about with your Crush for a Fun Night Out

Every now and then, there comes a moment in life when you just run out of words. One of those moments is definitely talking to your crush. Some 20-30 years ago, one of the most daring things to do was to call your crush on a phone, because you do not know who is picking up the phone.

If it is her/his parent, it can become awkward rather fast. Thankfully, today, we call people on a cell phone, and we know who is picking up the phone. But talking to your crush can still be a nerve-wracking task. One way to keep the conversation going is finding topics to talk about with your crush.

Now, people can run out of topics every now and then. To make things easier, and not so challenging, it is nice to have some topics ready. That will prevent you from feeling nervous and anxious at the same time.

Do not worry, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. Almost everyone experience and face the same situation at least once. So, with that in mind, here are some random and interesting topics to talk about with your crush. You do not want to fall into those long “hmmms” pauses, don’t you?

Current situation

The simplest way to start the conversation is to talk about your current situation. Where you are, and what you are doing usually create the questions. For example, if you are at a show, you might ask about the performer.

If you are traveling somewhere, ask the person next to you where he/she is headed. Or if you are waiting, you can ask how long they’ve been waiting.

Ask about him/her

There are certain “safe questions and topics”, and asking about your crush is one of those. You cannot go wrong here. Whenever you run out of topics to talk about, ask something about your crush. Ask questions directly, and keep the conversation longer by asking additional questions.

And you might find out even more things about your crush. It is always nice to get to know someone. After the initial physical attraction, getting to know someone is what determines whether you fall in love or it is just physical attraction.

Passions and hobbies

We all have certain passions and hobbies we love. Ask more about your crush’s hobbies, and see if you have any common things to do or talk to.

The conversation becomes more interesting whenever someone is talking about his hobbies. People tend to talk about hobbies with passion and enthusiasm and feel good about themselves.

Common interest

If you have a common interest, this is one topic you have to cover. And it can go on forever. Talk about the common interests to increase the chance of meeting again or enjoying a night out together.

Steering the conversation towards common interests makes the conversation a breeze, and fun activity for both of you.

Talking about the common interest will prevent feeling bored at times. New questions just keep coming up, don’t they?


This one is a tricky and risky one. Some people do not like their work and do it only for the salary. But it is nice to show interest in your crush’s job.

Common questions include:

  • What do you work?
  • Do you like your work?
  • What about your coworkers?
  • How long have you worked there?
  • Talk about some fun things that have happened
  • What is the best and worst thing about the job?

Funny things

In the era of the internet, memes are all around us. Every day, you are bound to see a funny video, funny post, or anything funny. It is just how the world rolls nowadays. When talking to your crush, there is no need to be extremely serious at all times.

Yes, you might be under stress not to say something wrong. But bring out a funny video, a joke you’ve heard, or anything else. It will spark a dose of humor into the conversation. And it is scientifically proven that people want someone with a sense of humor.


You can start the conversation by talking about what someone is wearing. Be careful not to be judgmental. Some people can be overly sensitive to the clothes they are wearing. That is why it is nice to start off with a compliment and go from there.


When certain topics do not work well, steer the conversation into current events. There has to be a couple of events happening in your area. Talk about them. Whether you plan on going, does your crush plan on going, and can you go together?

You can talk about serious or funny events, just be careful not to bore your crush.


Sports bring people together like nothing else. Whenever the national team plays, everyone cheer. Now, you might find out you cheer for different teams, and that will spark some rivalry and intensity into the conversation.

But generally speaking, talk about sports you like, teams you follow, games you went to, funny things happening at games, and what do you think about a popular player. And if you play sports, even better. Just try not to be overly self-centric and confident. You do not want to come out like an arrogant fool.


Music is another interesting topic that can make the conversation fun. You can start from singers, bands, and then carry on concerts. What kind of music are you into? What did you listen when you were younger?

Have you been to any concert recently? Or is there a concert you want to go to? Or your crush wants to go?


Moving on to common topics to talk about to your crush, you can try movies. Some people are into music, others are into movies. If your crush is into movies, this conversation can last for hours.

Especially with the rate of which Hollywood releases new movies. You can even steer the conversation towards Hollywood and Oscars, and make it a bit more serious. But favorite actors/movies, and even television shows are always a nice idea.


Who doesn’t like food? Or go out to a fancy restaurant? If you are on a dinner date, this conversation is God-given. You can compare foods in the restaurant you are and with other interesting restaurants. Ask your crush does he/she love to cook. And if you want to make it funny, talk about weird foods you have tried.

Life Experiences

This is one of the best and most fun topics to talk about with your crush. Start about life experiences, and the conversation might never end. And the best thing is you never know what direction the conversation will go. You might end up in a serious tone, or in a hilariously funny way.


Are you an adventurous type? Do you love traveling? What are some interesting countries or cities you’ve visited lately? What are some places your crush has been? You might find out you’ve been to the same country/city. Or you both want to visit Italy, for example.


Are you a cat or a dog person? This might be a risky move as well, but it is worth trying. Some people love cats, but cannot stand dogs, or they are afraid of dogs. Word of notice: if the person is afraid of dogs, do not be pushy in trying to turn him around.

Conversation tips

Now that we’ve covered a couple of topics to talk about with your crush, let’s talk about some conversation tips. These come in handy to make the conversation fun, longer, and more interesting.

  • Make sure to ask a lot of follow up questions related to the answers
  • Remember, this is a conversation, not an interrogation
  • The conversation is a give and take of talking and listening
  • Do not discuss topics like religion and politics, as they are way too serious for the first couple of dates
  • Do not change the topic suddenly



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