Top 3 Ways To Add Personality To Your Home

Let’s just say it, redecorating is scary.

The pressure to simply makeover a room can all be too much. The tediousness of the manual labour and constant back and forth with your creative self overthinking and second-guessing each design choice is enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel.

However, before reaching for the paintbrush and spending your weekend at Ikea getting lost in the maze of overly complicated named flat-pack furniture, remember it’s your space. Do whatever you want, make it yours and fill it with personality and flair. Some may disagree, but we say “there are no rules” when decorating”…. except maybe paint inside the lines.

But how exactly can you add personality to a space?

Below are our top three tips on how to add personality to your home and create the perfect space that reflects you.

Personalised Prints

Personalised prints are a great addition to any home and an easy way of injecting your personality into your home.

Yes, a copy of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is a masterpiece and can look beautiful hanging on your wall, but it may not feel necessarily suitable for your space or a true reflection of you these days and can seem a bit generic.

With personalised prints, not only does it look good, it has a personal story behind it as to why you chose it, customised it or created it.

A personalised print is one of a kind talking point of any home. Although it is a small change, it can make all the difference in setting the room’s mood as it can invoke emotion or represent a deeper meaning that’s special to only you.

Showcase You

If you are particularly proud of a souvenir, medal, or trophy, then be sure to show it off.

Ways to do this are by giving them a multipurpose; a trophy can be reimagined as a bookend. Say you created a pot from a one-time pottery class; a lick of paint, which can be a new plant pot (if small, let’s say pot for a succulent). A medal can be framed into a piece of art.

This also remains true for anything that speaks of your passions, hobbies, memories or items and trinkets that make your home feel more like you. Items that you’ve gathered along the way can be displayed and add a certain flair to what can otherwise be an empty-looking space.


Not every piece of furniture needs to be fresh out of the box to make your house look nice. Be sure when redecorating to upcycle.

Upcycling is a great way of creating unique pieces that then can reflect your personality. You simply find or discover an old piece of furniture that you love, and you see that it has potential, and then with some sandpaper, primer maybe, potentially some re-upholstery and a lick of paint, and you have given that piece a new lease of life.

It’s fun, sustainable, and straightforward. There’s plenty of youtube tutorials and Instagram pages dedicated to teaching you how to and for inspiration, so next time you think about throwing away that side table, think of how you can turn it into your next feature piece.

So whilst it’s recommended to look through Pinterest and try and find some inspiration for your favourite styles and designs, remember to incorporate you as well.

The added personal touches and small insights to you and your personality can bring the space a sense of warmth and homeliness that your space may be missing.



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