Tired of acne scars? Here is what you need to know

Acne is a global problem especially in teenagers. However, it also extends to adulthood. Majority of us fail to treat our acne for a long time because of having no knowledge about our skin type, not having access to right products and not taking our skin problems seriously. The acne that does not go away for a long time leaves scars behind that become the cause of low self-esteem and depression. Fortunately, there are some wonderful products in the market that can treat acne and scars. We can also try some DIY tips to treat acne. Give a read to the tips given below:

Go for chemical peels:

Chemical peel is a process in which a chemical product is applied to the scar area and is left for some minutes. This chemical peels off the skin that has suffered from the scar. When the older skin wears off, the skin beneath it appears which is brighter, healthier and more glowing. There are many brands in the market that sell chemical peels. However, it is important to remember that this substance should never be applied to the skin at home.

Try out acids:

These days, acids are being used to treat acne and scars such as mandelec acid, salicylic acid and many more. These acids also do the same job as the peeling solution. The only difference is that the consistency of the acid in the solution is kept low so that it does not cause any damage to the skin. These acids are useful in removing the top most layer of the skin that usually has scars and acne. One should never use acids without doing a patch test first. People with sensitive skin can use acid but for a short span of time

Use creams:

You don’t have to go hard on your skin invariably in order to get rid of blemishes. There are some creams such as acne cream at Bioderma with seborestore technology that is helpful in clearing blemishes from mild to severe. If you want to buy this product.

Consider in-office dermatological procedures:

Some scars never go away. However, you can reduce their appearance on the face. There are several types of procedures that your dermatologist might recommend you on the basis of your skin type and the severity of acne and scars. Some of the most common in-office procedures include laser treatment, microneedling, injections and surgery.

Use retinoid:

Retinoid is considered as one of the best acne and scars treatment options in the modern era. We can find a variety of products containing retinoid. Sometimes, retinoid is used in combination with other products as it helps in unclogging pores and then other products find it easy to go deep down into skin and work to remove scars and cause of acne.

The bottom line:

Scars on your skin can be genetic and sometimes, there are some skin conditions that cause scaring such as burn, severe breakout. Which type of treatment is most suitable for you completely depends on what kind of acne and scars you have



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