Tips To Select A Bathroom Vanity Unit

Vanity units tend to be a practical as well as very functional bathroom storage solution. They combine totally-functional basins along with roomy bathroom cabinets. These are able to aid one in organizing their space. They also allow the bathroom to look stylish. 

If you are planning to get a bathroom vanity unit, you can keep the following points in mind:

Look at the space available

You need to carefully estimate the amount of space that you have. Measure the bathroom before going to purchase the vanity unit. Look at the amount of counter and storage area that you will need. 

It is tough to not consider width and depth, but there is slightly more freedom when selecting the height. When you start measuring, keep in mind any interference present with the entryway, shower doors and storage doors. 

If the bathroom vanity unit tends to be already assembled, make sure that sufficient room is present to get this into the bathroom. 

Single or double vanity

A single one is compatible with every mounting type. It is one of the most common configurations moreover is perfect for small areas. 

The single-sink vanities often range from 46cm – 106cm when looking at the width. There are also some that are as wide as 152cm. 

A double one is compatible with wall-mounted and also freestanding styles. You can get this one for shared bathrooms. The double-sink varieties range from around 122cm – 182cm when considering their width. 

Selecting a mounting type

A freestanding one is the most popular style. These are secured to the wall to give stability, but most of the weight rests on legs which sit on the floor. You will therefore get more area for cabinets along with drawers, therefore maximizing storage under the sink. 

A floating or wall-mounted one is mounted directly to the wall. It has open space present underneath. The sleek floating style allows the bathroom to look bigger. It is able to be adjusted so as to get the height that is the most comfortable. 

The corner style is a space-saving one and is better for smaller bathrooms along with 90° corners. It gives storage and also a flexible room layout. 

Select the materials

Vanities tend to be found in many different materials. Some materials that can be found for countertops include ceramic; stone; glass; solid-surface or laminate or acrylic, plastic; wood. 

You should choose the one suited to your requirements. For example, a ceramic one is durable and is simple to clean. This is for those who want a low-maintenance countertop. 

Natural stone gives a luxurious along with elegant touch. If you want a sleek and modern feel you can choose a glass one. The solid-surface one is said to be the most budget-friendly. It is durable, simple to install and even low maintenance. Those who want to give a welcoming along with rustic aesthetic to the bathroom can choose wood. 

Base cabinets include hardwood, manufactured wood, metal, glass, amongst other materials. The basin is mostly made from ceramic, stone, or even glass. 

There are many businesses selling these like bathroom vanity units at Fontaine Industries. Carefully choose the best one for your requirements. 



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