Tips to Interact With Your Hairdresser and Get the Hairstyle You Like

We all have our favorite hair salons, and the ladies who work there are like family. This always makes us feel relaxed in their presence. And after every visit, we leave the salon with the hairstyles we wanted. We don’t mind if it takes an hour or more to get what we want. Otherwise, it’s no fun if you have to keep coming back for touch-ups. They really know how to deal with my hair, and I’m glad they’re the only ones who can touch it (unless I give away their tips on how to interact with my hairdresser).

Make sure they inspect 

Good hairdressers in Brisbane will not be in a rush when he is serving you his services. He will never grab a pair of scissors without touching your hair first or without checking the thickness of it very keenly. It does not matter how much cash you put on his hands; if you sit under him and he chooses to ignore or fail to check your hair, leave immediately because he is not well skilled in doing haircuts.

Sometimes when you have your hair trimmed at the salon, the hairdresser takes a quick glance on your hair and starts cutting here and there, putting emphasis on creating volume and shape to your hair. This is done with the assumption that they choose which style to trim by looking at the roots and parting of each client.

Use their lingo 

Through hair styling, every shape of the face acquires a special aura. Your stylist will be eager to work out the best cut for you. But first, you need to make sure that you are in good hands. Some language makes it incredibly easy to put your hair in the right hands. When you are at the salon, there are certain terms that might be used. In fact, there is a whole vernacular that is used in hairdressing. When you’re using those terms with your hairdresser, it gives you an air of knowing what you’re doing, which will help build trust between you and your hairdresser.

Bring a photo of a hairstyle

Pick a photo of a haircut that you like, and bring a picture to your hairstylist or barber. This way they will know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your hairstyle. This is particularly helpful if you want to have short hair because they can cut the hair shorter than the photo.

Here’s a great tip for overworked salons and stylists. Maybe you can even offer it as a service. If you’re really busy and playing catch up, consider bringing in photos of haircuts or styles that you like but don’t have time to create yourself. If the photo is good enough, your stylist can use it to replicate the style you want cut into your hair. It might take longer – but if it gets you out the door on time, you won’t be late for work anymore!



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