Surprising Uses of Synthetic Urine

If we were to guess which use of synthetic urine is most known among people, our guess would be drug tests – precisely, cheating on them. Although it is understandable why that would be the first thought to come into mind, fake pee is used more often than people think.

Fake urine is usually produced from water, creatinine, urea, pH balance, and/or uric acid. Thanks to those ingredients, the producers are able to make synthetic pee that has all the properties of a real one – it is what allows it to be used in such a versatile way.

So, what else can fake urine be used for (aside from passing a drug test)? Well, there are plenty of things, which we will be discussing in this article. So, if you want to find out more, just keep on reading.

Scientific Research

Although a trip to the shop for synthetic urine might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about scientific research, the truth is that using fake urine is a very common practice. Why exactly? Well, there are many reasons.

First of all, using synthetic urine is a lot safer than using a real one – not only it does not contain any toxins, but it also cannot be contaminated. It can be reheated several times, and it will not lose any of its qualities – this makes it an ideal experimental subject. What’s more, using synthetic urine frees the researchers from having to collect a new sample each time they have a new theory – they can test one sample in multiple ways.

Product Testing

Products such as diapers should be able to hold urine – that’s kind of obvious. However, to make sure that they do their job, they need to be tested, before being put on the market for people to buy.

Just like in the case of scientific research, using fake pee is simply safer than using the real one. And since their consistency is the same, it doesn’t affect the final results of the testing.

Space Exploration

Now, space is definitely not something that pops into one’s head when hearing ‘synthetic urine.’ However, as it turns out, it is actually very helpful to scientists working in the field – especially those who want to determine how people would live outside the Earth. After all, we are humans, and at one point or another, we would have to pee.

What’s more, fake urine has already helped quite a bit when it comes to space exploration. For instance, scientists used it to develop a system that transforms human pee into clean, drinkable water. And guess what – it is now used on the International Space Station.


Urine acts as a great fertilizer and animal repellent. However, using the real one can be quite dangerous due to every person’s individual bacteria. This is why synthetic pee is a perfect solution.

How exactly is pee beneficial in gardening and for plants in general?

Well, both real and fake urine contain nitrogen and phosphorus. The first one allows the plants to grow more leaves, as well as intensifies their green color. Phosphorus, on the other hand, is important because it helps the plants make seeds, fruits, and flowers. It also supports the growth of new roots.

Cosmetology and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has been praising the health benefits of urine for centuries now. Even today, there are still some people who are practicing urine therapy, or as some call it, urophagia. What’s more, some experts believe that urine is highly effective when it comes to acne treatment.

However, despite that, many people are still reluctant to use real human urine – that’s exactly when fake urine comes to aid. It is of the same chemical consistency as the real one but does not contain any toxins meaning that it’s a lot safer. Plus, many people feel at least slightly better knowing that it’s not actually someone’s biological fluid but something made in a laboratory.

The Bottom Line

Synthetic urine is very similar to real one. That is mainly due to the mix of ingredients the manufacturers use to produce it. As such, synthetic urine has almost all the properties of real one. The difference, however, is that the synthetic one is a lot safer to use than the fluid coming out of a human body.

Now, you might be thinking – Why would anyone need fake pee? Well, the most common reason is to pass a drug test.

However, as you can see, synthetic urine has a lot more uses than that. It plays an important role in scientific research, product testing, or even space exploration. It’s also a great alternative for real pee in gardening, cosmetology, and alternative medicine. The list is still growing, so there’s a chance that in the future, it will be even more widely used than now. Only time will tell.



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