Steps for Planning a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Home

With all the upheaval in recent times due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people’s wedding plans have been put on hold or had to change. Many couples are now choosing to marry at home or the properties of their parents or other close family members or friends. 

If you’re preparing to host an outdoor wedding in 2021, it’s crucial to take every step you can to make the event as magical as possible. Here are some things to start thinking and planning for today.

Work on Getting the Space in Order

The first step is to begin preparing the outdoor areas where the wedding will be held. Get everything as neat, tidy, and organized as possible. Start with the gardens. Trim back any overgrown trees, shrubs, and other plants to make things look better and to clear more space to host the ceremony and reception, if needed. Also, clear out any old furniture, equipment, statues, and other pieces in the yard that no longer work, will get in the way, or could be unsafe. 

Pay attention to the lawn in the lead-up to the event, too. If it’s currently looking a bit sparse and dry, concentrate on watering and mowing it. Plus, make sure you feed it often to help it become healthier. You can use a trusted lawn fertilizer service in your area for this job. Plus, aerate the lawn to add nutrients and water to reach down to the soil below.

Often, it pays to lay down temporary structures, such as wooden planks or light pavers, for people to walk on to protect the lawn or other areas of the yard. Doing this can also make it more stable for people to walk on. Also, make sure the outdoor areas are well lit-up for any night-time celebrations. You don’t want people getting lost or falling over before they can’t see. Have additional lights installed or utilize pretty string lights and lanterns to create ambience. 

Find lovely decorations to add pizazz to the space, too. However, when choosing products, keep the weather in mind. It could be windy on the day, so opt for pieces that won’t blow away easily or get tipped over, or cause a hazard. 

Investigate Various Logistical Factors

There are many other logistical factors to sort out. You may need to bring in generators or have additional power points installed outside to power extra things for the event. You could require, for instance, electricity for catering and sound equipment, heating or air conditioning units, and hired portaloos (a must to avoid long bathroom queues!). However, have an electrician survey your setup to ensure it works properly and is safe. 

Parking is another potential issue. You may need to get permits from your local council or at least speak with your neighbors on the street to allow enough room for all the visitors to drive and park near the property. Consider hiring valets to park cars for people on the day, if needed. Alternatively, you could have everyone park at a public area, such as a car park or shopping center, and then hire a bus to transport the guests from there to the home. 

You may also need to obtain public liability insurance for the event and hire additional tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, and even a dance floor for the wedding. Consider having cleaners come in the day after the event to clean up, so you don’t have to worry about that side of things, too. 

Develop a Back-Up Plan

 While you and all your family and friends will have fingers and toes crossed that the weather on your big day is just what you ordered, the reality is that this comes down to chance. Since bad weather can create problems, it’s vital to develop a back-up plan in case you don’t get the perfect weather you hoped for. 

Think about whether you can host the wedding inside the property or on a large balcony if needed. Alternatively, look at hiring a quality tent, or speak with other loved ones or close friends about having a last-minute change of venue to their home or other location if the need arises. 

A beautiful outdoor wedding is something you can remember forever. Yet, you do need to put in the effort and planning to make sure the event goes off smoothly. Follow the steps above to mitigate the chances of any hiccups on the day. 



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