SS22 Trends To Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

Where to start?

Changing up the style of your home is always tricky.

“Where do I start” is probably the main question running through your mind as you try to choose a theme for your refurb. It is always good to take inspiration from others and look at current trends to see what could work for you and your home. And with spring underway and summer around the corner, there are tons of upcoming interior trends to take note of.

Gone are the cold dark days! It’s time to sit back and relax with the sun streaming in through your windows onto your newly decorated home. From adding new furniture, accessories and rugs to focussing more on art prints and wooden frames, the possibilities are endless!

Restaurant inspo!

For a long time, due to the global pandemic, we had no choice but to stay at home! Now, freedom is on the rise and we can experience the joys of bars and restaurants for ourselves. That being said, there’s something pretty cool about recreating the ‘dine-out’ experience in your own home.

From home bars to neon lights, elements of restaurants and bars are now being brought into interior design to help people elevate their homes. So, next time you’re out on the town, we recommend taking a look at the set-up of your favourite bars and restaurants and seeing which elements you might want to feed into your own home!

Don’t forget the garden…

Another thing that the pandemic made us grateful for was outside space. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, a major SS22 trend will be making the most of it.

Indoor/outdoor living has previously been left to the sorts of homes you see on Selling Sunset. But now, there are tons of small and affordable ways you can incorporate this into even the most modest of homes.

Open up those doors and windows, pop some furniture out on your patio or even something as simple as lanterns to bring a little light into the space of an evening. But remember, especially if you’re a Brit – make sure your outdoor furniture is weatherproof.

Bring the beach to your home.

Another trend we’ll be seeing take interiors by a storm is ‘beachy’. Earthy tones are on the rise and what better way to feel at one with nature than by convincing yourself you’re by the sea? Even if you’re actually in central London!

Simple striped furniture that replicates the patterns on beach towels can help give off this vibe. Or a  jute mat against light-coloured walls will also give the home’s interior a beachy air.

Brown theme

Many well-known and top interior designs have been speculating that brown will be back in fashion this year. We’re already seeing it in fashion, now it’s time for homeware!

Brown is beautiful. From deep, rich, chocolatey tones to subtle camels and beiges – you can really make it your own and create a certain vibe depending on the shade of brown you choose. And it’s so easy to achieve! Going back to basics and getting your wood floors and surfaces on show is one way to go about it, or investing in beautiful wooden accessories like frames or sculptures is another.

So there you have it! A few of the most popular upcoming trends we’ll be seeing in SS22 interiors. Feeling inspired? We thought so! 



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