Dreaming of Snow – Sign of Purity and Perfection

When you mention the word “snow”, people automatically check their distant memory. After all, we do not get snow throughout the entire year. In most places on Earth, snow lasts for a few weeks. On top of the mountains, snow can last a bit longer. But what is the meaning of dreaming of snow? Do you dream of skiing? Snowboarding? Do you miss snow? Let’s take a look.

Snow is often associated with cleanness and clarity. It means you have a fresh start ahead. You are in a stage of your waking life when you want to turn a new page.

General Meaning of Dreaming of Snow

In some cases, seeing snow in your dream can show represent a sign of growing old. But that is not the general meaning of dreaming of snow. As we said before, usually, snow is a representation of a fresh start.

But it depends on what happens with the snow. If the snow melts, it means you will soften your heart. Snow fight is a positive dream, but sinking in snow means your feelings cooled off.

Generally speaking, snow represents your secret desires. Snow as a state of cold emotion in dreams can relate to your real life emotions. And what you go through at the moment.

Snow, as a natural concealer, can hide all the things you want to hide. You may want to forget or hide a particular area of your life.

You can also view snow as the beginning of an end to a new beginning. Many people also view snow as a magical white symbol.

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Biblical Meaning of Snow in Dreams

Snow on the ground represents an unpleasant, cold, and terrible situation. You have to put up with it until it goes away on its own. And that situation is not pleasant. This situation feels so cold, and nobody can do anything for you.

On the positive side, dreaming of snow can reflect a fresh start in some areas of your life. You might not believe a problem will solve on its own. But it happened, and now you can enjoy the benefits.

In a pure biblical explanation, snow represents an emptiness of one situation ending and bringing a pleasant new beginning to a new situation.

On the negative side, snow can reflect the harsh and cold cleansing experience. Sometimes, getting to a new situation requires a big sacrifice. And snow reflects it. You might feel out on the cold or that you got a cold shoulder.

And melting snow in the biblical sense represents obstacles that will dissolve quickly.

Specific Snow Dreams

Snowy landscape

When you are in a snowy landscape, one of two feelings might come. One is a joy because of the snow. But the other is anxiety and fear of freezing. If you experience the latter in your dream, it is a sign you are in an uncomfortable situation. You might feel that your relationships will freeze or come to an end in the near future.

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Finding something in the snow

This is a symbol of discovering hidden talents and abilities within yourself. Did you know you can dance? Well, you might not have discovered that talent yet. Or you will discover what you can do when nothing good comes your way. Finding something in the snow is a sign of a new opportunity. Embrace it.

Snow day

The general meaning of a snow day is the start of a new chapter in your life. It is time for a new chapter that is all about balance, peace, and self-assuredness. White snow is also a sign of purity and intellect.

Snowball fight

Now this is one snow dream with many different meanings. We can find at least three. The first snowball fight meaning is a warning about a period of negativity. This might cause you to make irrational financial decisions.

Generally speaking, a snow dream meaning with snowball fights means a conflict with your neighbors. Yet, if you see children playing inside the snowball, it is a good sign. It means there will be celebration and joy soon.

Dirty snow

This dream indicates anxiety, stress, fear of rejection, and emotional confusion. On the other hand, clean snow is an omen for strength.

Do you see yourself walking in the snow? That might reflect your trust in other people and your loved ones.


Did you know that no snowflake is the same? Well, to see a snowflake in your dream represents individuality and uniqueness. They are also a dream symbol of protection.

Out of season snow

We can expect snow in December, January, February, and sometimes November. But what happens when snow falls down in March or April? We say that it surprised us. Depending on the timing of the snow in your dream, we have different explanations.

For example, snow in summer means a positive and pleasant surprise. Snow in autumn means you will achieve success in business. Think about your planned product launches and sensitive projects. And snow in spring means you will face minor difficulties in the upcoming situations.

Snowstorm or Blizzard

While a blizzard is a disastrous event, it can represent a powerful symbol within your dream. It means you are stuck with your position. You are stuck where you are in your life. And you have trouble seeing your surroundings.

But while a snowstorm represents difficulty and hopelessness, it is also a warning about your life. At this point, you can make only a positive change upwards.

Christmas day snow

If you have regular snow dreams it means there will be a new chapter in your life. You are ready to make a change. So, is there a better time to make a change than December 25th? Dreaming about Christmas day is also a sign of togetherness, play, and creativity.

Driving and walking through snow

Moving on a snow road or field requires extra attention. This dream serves as a reminder that you need to show extra caution during this period of the year. Move slowly, and prepare for every move. And of course, watch out for hidden obstacles.

Eating snow

This dream is a reflection of your inner mind’s display of innocence and youth. When you eat snow in your dream brings the purity and perfection of youth into yourself. Maybe, you want to bring back that feeling from your childhood.

Plowing and shoveling snow

The dream represents your desire to work hard and do good deeds for others. You definitely feel motivated when you help others. And if you are clearing snow from your driveway, the dream represents a new chapter in your life.

Snow Forecast
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Buried in snow

How do you feel when you get trapped in the snow? Do you feel the weight of the snow? This dream might represent a “feeling snowed under”. You have trouble getting out. Think about your life at the moment. Do you feel you cannot handle the responsibilities?

Heavy snow

If you dream about heavy snow, take it as a sign to relax in your real life. It shows you are overwhelmed by work. Yes, your efforts will be paid and your hard work will lead to success. Yet, sometimes, we have to take a moment and calm down. Too much work might be killing you.

Snow avalanche

An avalanche is a mass of snow, rock, ice, and soil that tumbles down a mountain. If you dream about a snow avalanche, it is an indication of emotional balance. But it also might be a sign of danger approaching you in daily life.

Snow Mountain

Dreams about snow-capped mountains and peaks foretell the fulfillment of your goal. And the opposite holds true when the snow does not cover the mountain peak in your dreams. If the peak starts to melt, it is a sign of transition to a whole new project.



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