Six Holiday Essentials For Summer 2021

It certainly feels like we have all been waiting a long time for this, but summer is finally here and all over the world, restrictions are starting to roll back. We are seeing more and more people getting vaccinated, we can finally see our friends and loved ones, and finally it seems like we might be able to step back, take a deep breath, and go on vacation. The idea of going anywhere other than our home and the supermarket has felt like a far-removed fantasy for the longest time, but now we can make that hotel booking and start thinking about what we want to take with us.

Given that it has been so long since most of us were able to go on holiday it seems fair to assume that you might need to make a shopping list of the items you are going to take on vacation with you. The only thing we have packed in bags recently has been our grocery shopping, a face mask and some hand sanitiser. And while you might be tempted to throw caution to the wind and just wing it, we would suggest that this first vacation in a long time deserves a little more care and attention. We have all been through enough, you don’t want any unexpected hiccups or annoying surprises getting in the way of you enjoying that well-earned break. So, here is our list of holiday essentials for summer 2021.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

OK, this is not a particularly fun one to start with, but if there’s one thing you don’t need on your vacation, it’s worrying about having to pay for unexpected medical bills or to be on the phone with a venue, hotel or travel provider trying to get them to refund your money for a cancellation that you couldn’t do anything about. 

If the last year and more has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. There are still plenty of scenarios that could throw a spanner in the works, from travel red lists being updated to a sudden outbreak at that resort spa that you’ve booked in for, so make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance. And you know that by booking your travel insurance, you are hopefully invoking that old rule that you won’t actually need it, right? It is always better to be safe than sorry so don’t skip this step.

Take A Good Book

We have all been spending far too much time looking at our various screens during the pandemic. We have been working at home, we have been watching so much TV that we reached the bottom of our Netflix queues, and we have been doom scrolling the news on social media. Even our socialising has been happening on our screens. When you step out of your front door and head off into the great outdoors, why not give your eyes a break from the blue light for a bit? Instead, get back into that great holiday tradition of the trashy summer novel. A page-turning crime thriller, a sweeping romance, a celebrity memoir…we all love a summer read and it is high time we brought them back.

Stock Up On Your Vaping Supplies

We all know how annoying it is when you run out of nicotine salt at the worst possible moment. When you are craving a hit from your e-cigarette and you realise that the fluid has run out, or that your coil has burnt out and you know that every puff is just going to taste worse and worse until you find a replacement. It’s even worse when you are on vacation and you don’t know where the nearest store would be, or if it would even be open when you need it. 

If you want to avoid this situation happening, then the best thing to do is to order a back-up supply of nicotine salt e-liquid before you head off. What’s more, you could even give your tastebuds a break from the norm and try some new flavours. Podsalt has an incredible range of premium nicotine salt flavours that are absorbed faster and last longer than the traditional liquids. Whether you’re a fresh menthol person, someone who prefers the juicy tang of a fruit flavour, or a sweet tooth who craves those bubble-gum and cake tastes, they have got you covered. Don’t make yourself go trekking around a town you don’t know trying to find e-liquid in the middle of the night. Take a good supply with you and relax.

Don’t Forget To Take A Reusable Water Container

To be fair, there can’t be many of us out there now who don’t have a reusable water container. We all see the endless news reports about the climate crisis, and we are all looking for ways that we can help where we can. However, it is one thing to own a reusable water container, and another thing entirely to remember to actually use it. 

If you need a little extra incentive this summer, remember that we should all be trying to limit the number of times that we are going in and out of shops. What’s more, you’ll save money by not paying extortionate prices for those little bottles of spring water if you remember to take your own bottle with you!

You Still Need A Face Mask And Hand Sanitiser

As excited as we are about things getting better out there and as thrilled as we are that we can travel this summer, it is important to remember that there is still a pandemic out there. Even if you have had both your vaccinations, it is still crucial that you wear a facemask when you are going into public places or using public transport. 

You should also still be washing your hands as frequently as possible, and you should definitely make sure that you take a good supply of hand sanitiser with you. We know that one of the things we want to be doing while we’re on holiday is not thinking about the Coronavirus, but we still need to be keeping ourselves and each other safe. 

Treat Yourself To A New Camera

But let’s end on a happier note, shall we? So much of the last year has been about getting through it. We haven’t exactly been focused on making memories, and our Instagram feeds have almost exclusively been filled with pictures of our pets and home baking efforts. When you head out somewhere new on vacation this summer, it will be really important to document the experience. 

It is going to be such a special feeling, whether it’s just you and your partner getting away somewhere quiet and remote to enjoy some peace in the sunshine, or your whole family enjoying a reunion after months spent apart. This is going to be the time that you want to remember, not those months and months spent indoors. So, if you’re looking forward to taking a lot of pictures to send to friends and family and to have something to look back on, why not treat yourself to a new camera? (Just don’t forget to add it to the insurance!)



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