Shakuntali Siberia: The enlightened priestess

Living a happier life is not less than a blessing. Happiness is not just keeping a smile on face but it is whenever you feel delighted inside, and when you are optimistic, pleased, satisfied with your soul. That is the actual joy and happiness. Shakuntali Siberia, a prominent spiritual priestess, has been striving hard to bring inner joy in people`s lives with the help of her spiritual and healing abilities. She has been continuously trying to empower and inspire women specifically.

Shakuntali Siberia has healed more than one thousand people with her super mystic power. Besides, she has trained thousands of students and people who are doing their business very well and are very much satisfied with their life. Shakuntali wants you to find your predestination in this life, grow up spiritually with Shakuntali and watch you grow up spiritually. 

She never forgets to help people in every aspect of their life. Not less than 50 charitable projects are operated by her. She held seminars and training sessions in various countries too. Shakuntali emphasizes to find out your purpose and lead a meaningful life.

Her main goal is to help women to get their feminine power back and lead a better life. As women and children have suffered from sexual abuse, so it is imperative, specifically, for women to empower themselves.

Everyone has been given the energy to use it and get the purpose of your life. but all of the people are not able to utilize their energy and acquire the aim of their life and make their life extra ordinary. Being a shamanic priestess, Shakuntali uses all her ancient wisdom and achieves the highest results.

As Shakuntali`s childhood was not happy enough, she faced a lot of hardships such as sexual abuse in her childhood, so she started to struggle for empowering women. She holds various programs, sessions, seminars, and provide individuals assistance to the people who are not able to meet their goals in life.

Being a psychology doctor, Shakuntali gives workshops on issues related to emotions and human psychology. Such as love, causes of phobia, self-development, etc.

Everybody has dreams at night but nobody can be able to reveal them. However, most of us have at least one adorable dream and we want to materialize that dream. Shakuntali can help you to understand the meaning of your dreams through spiritual dream symbols and also will teach you how to do it.

Shakuntali conducts healing sessions, live events, and free online courses for women. Women can largely benefit from these services and make their lives comfortable and adorable.

Shakuntali is getting a very good response from the women worldwide who want to discover their hidden talent and use it to fight against their rights. The interested women can get more info about her seminars, programs and sessions from her website,, and social media accounts.

In her seminars, Shakuntali provides motivational excitement to the women and guide them on how to pay attention to their spiritual and personal growth. After extensive research and experience, she realizes that women can achieve anything with help of their hidden talent. Shankutali encourages females to take part in various activities and learn tips and tricks and then start to earn as much as they can.



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