Robert Rushing Kids: Nurturing Future Sports Stars with Family Values

Robert Rushing is not just known for his ventures in sports management and the fashion industry but also for his role as a father. He shares a daughter, Reign, with reality TV star and businesswoman Toya Johnson. The couple’s parenting journey occasionally graces the public eye, notably surrounding celebratory milestones and family-focused events. What do we know of Robert Rushing kids?

Rushing’s commitment to his children is a testament to his personal life, which remains substantially private despite his association with public figures. His values around family and fatherhood are mirrored in the endeavors he supports and the lifestyle he promotes.

Robert Rushing: Life and Career

Robert Rushing, a former athlete turned sports manager and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, exemplifies a successful blend of sports knowledge and business acumen. His journey from the athletic fields to the boardroom showcases an impressive trajectory in both his personal and professional life.

Early Beginnings and Education

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Robert Red Rushing began his path with a solid foundation in sports, which later on would pave the way for his career. Education played a significant role in Rushing’s early development. He attended Troy University, where he not only honed his skills as a former athlete but also gained the knowledge that would fuel his future ventures.

Career Path: Sports and Entrepreneurship

Rushing’s career post-university involved leveraging his sports background into a management role. As a sports manager, he utilized his experience to guide other athletes in their professional journeys. But his ambitions didn’t stop there. Rushing delved into entrepreneurship, founding 2 Commas clothing line and also establishing his presence in the travel industry with Rush Travel Group, a travel and lifestyle service aiming to provide unique experiences to its clientele. He further expanded his portfolio by becoming involved with Wealth America Group, marking his influence in more than one sector.

Personal Milestones

On the personal front, Robert Rushing’s life is marked by significant milestones, such as his marriage. His wedding ceremony was not just a union of hearts but a demonstration of his private successes alongside his public ones. While information about Rushing’s family life is carefully guarded, it’s known that marriage and the responsibilities that come with it are an integral part of his life story, complementing his professional narrative.

Toya Johnson and Family

Antonia Toya Johnson, an accomplished businesswoman and reality television personality, shares a fulfilling life with her husband Robert Rushing. They are proud parents, celebrating milestones such as their daughter Reign’s graduation from kindergarten and her lively 5th birthday.

Marriage with Robert Rushing

Toya Johnson is married to Robert Rushing, and together they have formed a family unit that blends private life with public celebration. Their partnership extends beyond their marriage; they are also business collaborators. The couple, based in Atlanta, had a discreet courtship before making their union official.

Toya Johnson: A Multifaceted Personality

Johnson is not just a partner and a parent, but also a dynamic individual with multiple public roles. As a social media influencer, reality TV star, writer, and author, she has developed a significant following. Johnson’s net worth is a reflection of her entrepreneurial spirit and diversified interests.

The Johnson Robert Rushing Kids

Reign Ryan Rushing

  • Birthday: February 8
  • Age: Celebrated her 5th birthday with an Addams Family themed party

Oldest Child

  • Details about her oldest child are limited to respect the Robert Rushing family’s privacy


  • Reign recently celebrated a milestone by graduating from kindergarten, an event that her parents proudly shared on social media

Family Dynamic:

  • The Johnson-Rushing children are often featured on Toya’s social media, where moments with their daughter Reign display a bond between the child and her parents. Johnson occasionally shares the joys and humor of parenting, providing a glimpse into the family’s life

Business Ventures and Collaborations

Robert Rushing’s entrepreneurial flair extends across travel, fitness, and fashion industries, where he has established notable partnerships and founded businesses that are reflective of his interests in health, lifestyle, and apparel.

Rush Travel Group

Rushing ventured into the travel and lifestyle service industry with the creation of Rush Travel Group. This enterprise is a testament to his business acumen, providing personalized travel experiences and services to clients seeking luxury and comfort in their journeys.

Fitness and Motivation: Weight No More

In the health and fitness arena, Weight No More (WNM) stands out as one of his significant collaborations. The health and fitness company, co-founded with his wife who is a successful businesswoman and producer, focuses on combating obesity through fitness events and motivational campaigns, highlighting not only apparel like t-shirts and hoodies but also advocating for a healthier lifestyle.

Fashion Industry Endeavors

Rushing’s presence in the fashion industry is marked by his clothing line, which offers a range of apparel including T-shirts, hoodies, activewear, and footwear. His interest in fashion is aligned with his sports management background, echoing a sense of practicality and style in the designs offered by his line.

Celebrity Connections and Influence

Robert Rushing’s integration into the entertainment and sports spheres showcases the strength of his networks and the influence he wields as a sports manager and the spouse of a reality television personality. His connections span across numerous realms, including the bustling creative city of Atlanta, Georgia, and the glittering lights of Los Angeles, California.

Network in the Entertainment World

Rushing’s ties to the entertainment industry are robust, given his marriage to American reality television personality Antonia Toya Johnson. Johnson, with a net worth estimated at $7 million, was formerly married to music producer Memphitz and is the ex-wife of renowned rapper Lil Wayne. Through these relationships, Rushing is positioned at a nexus of pop culture and entertainment, benefiting from close associations with influential figures within the United States’ media landscape.

Sports Management and Relationships

In his profession as a sports manager, Rushing comes into contact with several notable athletes, including basketball players like Tristan Thompson and Dwight Howard. Given the status of the basketball team he is associated with and his own venture into health and fitness with Weight No More, Rushing’s network extends deeply into the sports domain. This professional circle enriches his insight into sports management and amplifies his rapport with figures in American sports.

Social Media Presence

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are pivotal in Rushing’s ability to project influence and share glimpses of his life, including images of his daughter and family activities. His social media presence illustrates connections with personalities from different realms, including sports and entertainment, reflecting his role in modern pop culture. With these platforms, Rushing commands attention and engages with a broad audience across Atlanta, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Public Appearances and Events

Robert Rushing, a sports manager and entrepreneur based in Atlanta, is frequently spotted in public with his family, attending various events that highlight his charity involvement and family-oriented lifestyle.

Charity and Community Involvement

In his hometown of Atlanta, Robert Rushing has been known to participate in health and fitness events, including the Weight No More initiative, which focuses on combating obesity. This initiative reflects his commitment to health and fitness. Through his social media platforms, Rushing shares moments from these events, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrations and Family Gatherings

Family plays a pivotal role in Rushing’s life, often celebrated through lavish gatherings and parties which are extensively covered on social media. Rushing and his wife, Toya Johnson, organized a themed party for their daughter Reign’s 5th birthday, which showcased their flair for creating memorable celebrations at home. Additionally, the couple’s dedication to family was evident in the grandeur of their wedding in Las Vegas, marking their special day with an unmistakable touch of elegance and personal significance.

Raising Kids in the Spotlight

Robert Rushing and Toya Johnson navigate the challenge of raising children under the watchful eye of the public. With careers rooted in pop culture and reality TV, their approach to parenthood includes addressing issues around their kids’ media exposure and their personal development. What do we know of Robert Rushing kids?

Media Exposure and Privacy

Robert Rushing and Toya Johnson have a delicate balance to maintain when it comes to their daughter Reign’s exposure to the media and social media platforms. As a reality TV star, Toya is keenly aware of the attention that her children receive. The choice to share images and moments on platforms like Instagram is made cautiously, with the intent to guard Reign and her sibling’s privacy.

With each post, they consider the impact of pop culture publicity on their daughter’s well-being and future. Toya, who herself grew up in the spotlight, is mindful of how public fascination can affect her children.

Education and Personal Development

Exploring Reign Rushing’s growth, Robert and Toya place a strong emphasis on education. They recently celebrated a milestone as Reign began her journey in kindergarten. It is a pivotal step not just in education but in personal development, with Instagram posts capturing this transition.

The couple is committed to ensuring their children receive a balanced education that includes learning outside the four walls of a school. They actively engage in their daughter’s learning journey, understanding that experiences attained during growing up are just as important as formal education. Whether it’s adjusting to the routines of kindergarten or looking forward to high school graduation, the Rushings recognize that each stage of school plays a crucial role in shaping their children into well-rounded individuals.



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