One Week in Egypt: What Not to Miss!!

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One Week in Egypt What Not to Miss!!

The creation of the earth took seven days to be fully complete and so does the exploration of all the wonders of Egypt. In all the major ancient cities of Cairo such as Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Alexandria are pieces of the heavens carrying tales and legends from ancient past to great kings and queens across more than 4500 years from Pharaonic, Greco-roman, Coptic and Islamic times who made Egypt the true cradle of civilization and the center of the universe. Egypt is rich with incredible wonders and monuments that need to be explored to fully understand the allure and grandeur of this majestic country. In one week Egypt tours, every traveler will have the chance to witness all the elements that make Egypt on every travel bucket list and in this article we will explain what you should not miss through a one week holiday in Egypt.

First Arrival in Egypt.

The adventure begins in Egypt the moment every traveler arrives at the airport and reach the hotel and relax from the flight then afterward the journey would begin. You should pick an itinerary and check all your hotel or Nile cruise reservations. If you book with a tour agency, you will find a tour guide waiting at the airport who will take you to the hotel then will be with every step of the way across all the destinations. you will have a lot of optional tours to make your time in Egypt even more memorable.

Explore Cairo Tourist Attractions.

Exploring the majestic city of Cairo the capital of Egypt is true chance to witness a unique collection of ancient beauty made up from a special set of monuments located within Old Cairo which was the home of the Orthodox Coptic community in the late 4th century which contains a number of constructions like the hanging church, Abu serga church, and the Ben Ezra synagogue. in 641 Cairo become the host of a number of Islamic monuments aster becoming the Islamic capital of Africa at the hands of Amr Ibn Alas who constructed a mosque carrying his name in the same year which still existed till today. Cairo became known as the city of Minarets due to the number of magical constructions like the beautiful Ibn Tulan Mosque in 870 AD and a number of others like Al Rafai, Sultan Hasan Mosque and many more.  the greatest monument in Cairo is the legendry Salah El Din Citadel of the 11th century to be the watchful eye and guardian of the entire city. Al Azhar mosque is like a great open Museum filled with heavenly wonders since 1340 where it was the oldest educational facility in the world which remains very active till today. One of the Islamic monuments that remain active in Egypt is the Khan El Khalili Bazaar which is a massive market filled with everything you desire.

Discover the Pyramids in One Day Tour.

If there were ever a motto of Egypt it would be the great pyramids of Giza, the stairway to the heavens and the truest identification of the belief systems and will of the ancient Egyptians. The pyramids are believed to be tombs of the great kings of the old kingdom (2575-2150 BC) who wished to immortalized their legacy and enter the afterlife. In the city of Giza is the great pyramids of Khufu, Kharfe, and Menkaure but the great pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu is the most famous as it is the last intact construction out of the seven great wonders of the ancient world for over 4000 years.  And in front of them is the oldest man-made statue ever created in human history the sphinx. The construction of pyramids was a ritual by the kings located in all over the country in the old and the middle kingdom (2030-1650 BC) across the cities of  Meidum Abusir, , Lisht, Saqqara, Dashur or Abu Rowash like the red pyramid, the bent pyramid, the medium pyramid and more.

Travel to Luxor to Enjoy the Ancient Attractions.

Luxor is like a marvelous ancient painting waiting to be explored known since ancient times as the city of hundred doors filled with countless marvelous monuments and artifices across the city which made it be known as the largest and greatest open museum in the world. Across the 16th till the 11th century, BC Luxor was the capital and on its area of 416 km², some of the finest ancient Egyptian monuments were created. Boarding a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan is one of the most magical activites you will enjoy through your week holiday in Egypt. At the entrance of the city is the great colossi of Memnon which acts as the guardian of the entire city built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III In Luxor lies the great Karnak Temple the biggest man-made construction in the world and the religious center for the Theban holy triad of Amon, Mut, and Khonsu. One of the classical monuments of the city is the Luxor Temple home of the holy Opet Festival. When talking about Luxor the heavenly Hatshepsut temple comes to mind the most ideal reflection of ancient Egyptian architectural. The majestic valley of the kings is a masterpiece from paradise that needs to be explored filled with 20 royal tombs out of 63 to famous kings like Tutankhamun,  Amenhotep I, the Ramses Dynasty, Thutmose and more.

Enjoy the Beauty of Aswan.

The vintage allure of the golden city of Aswan is truly hypnotic filled with a magical history and the sight of natural sources located all across the city. one of the biggest monuments in Egypt and the world is the great unfinished obelisk of Hatshepsut which was cracked during construction. Aswan is the city of gods due to the number of holy temples like the Philae temple house built in 696 BC to the goddess of motherhood Isis and the bearer of the tale of Osiris, there is also the unique double temple of Kom Ombo constructed in the Ptolemaic era between 332 and 395 BC to be the home of the crocodile god Sobek, also in the Ptolemaic era in 237 BC the house of Horus was built Edfu Temple to Honor the great battle between him and his uncle. Aswan’s most famous attraction is the Great Abu Simbel Temple of Ramses the great who built it in 1244 BC to immortalize his victory at the battle of Kadesh and his entire legacy & achievements.    

Travel to Alexandria Landmarks.

The second capital of Egypt the pearl of the Mediterranean has always been a gate to new lands and new culture ever since constructed by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. Some of the most incredible attractions are the extraordinary catacombs the ancient horror house of the Greco-roman period, a burial site between the 2nd to the 4th century. The great pillar of Pompey was built in 297 AD to honor the memory of general Pompey and to be the only monument of its kind to be outside of Rome. The citadel of Qaitbey is a unique wonder constructed in 1477 AD on the location that once held the great lighthouse of Alexandria. the library of Alexandria is one of the largest libraries in the world with millions of nooks, a unique collection of books and art galleries.

Prepare Yourself to Back to Home.

After you have finished with your tour and made a bunch of unforgettable precious memories then it is time to prepare yourself to go home. You will prepare your bags and passport and catch your flight home. The fun has to end always so you can create another adventure and move on with your life.


The greatest tour in the history of your life has never been closer where all the wonders of Egypt will be at your despoil waiting to be explored by you in the finest possible why accompanied by all the means of comfort.

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