NAD + IV Treatment: An In-depth Look, Science, Benefits, and Who it Helps

It is challenging to implement all the new whim in the wellness industry because most trends come and go. But one thing you can always count on is NAD + IV therapy. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a crucial coenzyme of vitamin B3 (Niacin) and amino acid that is present in human cells

Scientists say that a decreasing level of NAD + is linked to signs of aging and other age-related conditions. Preclinical research shows that restoring the right NAD + level provides a lot of health benefits.

Research also shows that this level can be increased over 8-week using the right NAD IV treatment. That was supported by ample animal studies and a recent study that involved 120 adults ages between 60-80.

The result showed that their NAD + level increased by about 40% over 30 days, and the increase was sustained for 60 days. Subjects who took twice the dose boosted their level by 90% after 30 days and 55% after 60 days.

There were no adverse side effects of this treatment.

Benefits of NAD + IV Treatment

Various research has proven that NAD therapy offers a lot of benefits to the human body by restoring different conditions. Some of the notable ones include:

1. Neurological Benefit

A decline in cognitive aptitude is a sign of aging. There are hundreds of age-related neurological problems that can affect you like memory issues, decreased focus, and dementia.

NAD + helps to keep your brain in peak condition. It helps to revitalize and restore your brain’s function by increasing sirtuins – sirtuin is a protein that functions as an anti-aging mechanism to slow the effect of natural cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

The protein combines with NAD to help your cells to resist stress and protect against toxins in your body.

NAD + therapy benefits to Neurological conditions include:

  • Improved memory
  • Boosted mood
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Improved neurological function and brain health

2. Metabolic Benefits

Metabolism is the amount of energy you expend to maintain your body. It is a process that slows when you get older and can result in lower energy levels and weight gain.

NAD plays a vital role in normalizing your metabolism function, which leads to improved energy levels and weight loss. It also a critical part of your body’s redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions.

Redox is a complicated chemical reaction that makes up the metabolic system and helps to turn food into energy for cell use. NAD accepts and provides electrons needed during this process.

NAD + IV treatment benefits for metabolism include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved metabolism
  • Restore muscle function
  • Restore athletic performance
  • Decreased fatigue

3. Addiction and Recovery

NAD + is a holistic substitute to medication-based treatments for persons undergoing addiction and recovery programs. It is helpful for individuals who want to avoid the adverse effects of medications.

NAD detoxifies your body, replacing essential nutrients and vitamins that are often depleted if you are an addict. The coenzyme also helps to minimize the withdrawal symptoms by attaching to your opiate receptors to help you overcome cravings and relapses.

NAD + IV therapy benefits for addiction and recovery include:

  • Restores energy levels
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms
  • Improves your mood
  • Minimizes cravings that lead to withdrawal
  • Helps to restore the cells
  • Improves cognitive clarity
  • Improves brain function
  • Accelerates recovery

4. Anti—Aging Benefits

NAD plays a significant role in the anti-aging process as it helps to regulate the metabolic and circadian cycles. It also plays this role by acting as the regulator for new proteins.

Gradual changes in your metabolism result in the development of age-related pathologies. NAD helps to regulate the Sir2 protein family, which in turn influences your aging and lifespan.

The coenzyme also plays a vital role by helping protect your DNA integrity, which gets damaged from wear and tear, effects of free radicals, and duplication errors. It is also useful when regulating the inflammation effect that can destroy your DNA over time.

NAD can also correct any damage that might have occurred over the years.

One thing to note is, your body produces NAD, but as you get older, the overall levels of this critical coenzyme reduce, leading to age-related conditions. Restoring your NAD can improve your health, physical appearance, and quality of life.

NAD + IV treatment benefits for anti-aging include:

  • Improve appearance
  • Reverse aging
  • Restore athletic performance
  • Restore muscle function
  • Correct damaged DNA
  • Prevent damage to DNA
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Helps to boost energy levels

Is NAD + IV Right for Me?

NAD + IV therapy can provide dozens of benefits that can help individuals suffering from different conditions. These include people recovering from substance and alcohol abuse, individual sufferings from neurological function and experiencing cognitive decline, and persons seeking to lose weight and restore muscle strength.

You do not need to wait until you get old or experience a medical condition to seek NAD + IV treatment. It is a versatile therapy that helps to promote your whole-body wellness and ensure your body performs at the peak for a long time. There is also NAD PRP Hair/Joints/Facials treatment that helps to restore joints, facials, and hair loss that occur due to aging.



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