Michelle Buteau Parents: A Look into the Comedian’s Family

Michelle Buteau, a talented comedian and actress, boasts a unique and diverse family background that has influenced her comedic style and captivating presence on stage and screen. Born in New Jersey, Michelle Buteau parents, Marie Antoinette and Mitchel Buteau, come from different ethnic backgrounds, contributing to Michelle’s rich cultural heritage.

Marie Antoinette, Michelle’s mother, is Jamaican with partial French ancestry, while Mitchel Buteau, her father, is Haitian with traces of Lebanese descent. This amalgamation of cultures has provided Michelle an interesting and multifaceted upbringing, undoubtedly contributing to her dynamic range as a comedian and actress.

Over the years, Michelle Buteau has captivated audiences with her comedic prowess, and as her star continues to rise, her diverse family background remains an integral part of her persona and artistry. As a talented performer with a unique heritage, Buteau is a true testament to the beauty of multiculturalism in the world of comedy and entertainment.

Early Life

Michelle Buteau, an American comedian known for her outstanding comedic talent, was born on July 24, 1977, in New Jersey. Her diverse heritage comprises a mixture of cultures and backgrounds. Her father is of Haitian origin, with partial Lebanese descent, while her mother hails from Jamaica and has partial French descent.

Growing up, Michelle was exposed to a unique blend of family traditions, which contributed to her dynamic personality. Michelle Buteau parents, Marie Antoinette and Mitchel Buteau, played a significant role in shaping her early life experiences. Although not much information is readily available about Marie Antoinette and Mitchel Buteau, their cultural roots have undoubtedly impacted Michelle’s upbringing.

This diverse background provided Michelle with a rich tapestry of life experiences and perspectives to draw upon in her comedy. As she grew, her familial bonds grew stronger, and her pursuit of a career in comedy began to take shape. She eventually attended college at Florida International University, initially considering a career in journalism before moving into the world of comedy.

In summary, Michelle Buteau’s early life was characterized by her Caribbean parents’ diverse cultural roots, stemming from Haiti, Lebanon, Jamaica, and France. These varied influences played a crucial role in shaping her personality and approach to comedy. As she embarked on her journey towards a successful career in entertainment, the support and grounding provided by her family ensured that she stayed true to her unique perspective and voice.


Comedian Michelle Buteau attended Florida International University, where she explored her interest in journalism. As she pursued her studies, she came across the opportunity to delve into the world of comedy.

During her time at the university, Michelle Buteau honed her skills in both journalism and comedy. This educational experience allowed her to make an informed choice about her career path, eventually opting to dedicate her life to comedy. At Florida International University, she was able to gather valuable knowledge that would later contribute to her success as a comedian, actress, and podcast host.

Personal Life

Michelle Buteau, a talented comedian and actress, was born to a diverse family. Her father is of Haitian and Lebanese descent, while her mother has Jamaican and French ancestry. Although not much is known about her siblings, it is evident that Michelle grew up in a multicultural household.

In her personal life, Michelle is married to Gijs van der Most, who is a Dutch photographer. The couple tied the knot on August 1, 2010, and share a strong bond. Together, they have expanded their family with the birth of twins, a boy named Otis and a girl named Hazel. After struggling with infertility, Michelle and Gijs opted for surrogacy, welcoming their beautiful children in January 2019.

At present, Michelle is 46 years old, and she is quite active on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Through her account, she shares snippets of her personal life, career, and various milestones, allowing her fans to get a glimpse into her world. Michelle showcases her love for her husband, children, and the strong bond that the family shares.

Overall, Michelle Buteau’s personal life reflects her diverse background, loving family, and strong relationship with her husband, Gijs van der Most. As a mother of twins and a successful career woman, she is both an inspiration and a relatable figure to many of her admirers.

Career Journey

Michelle Buteau began her career as a stand-up comedian shortly after September 11, 2001. She quickly gained attention for her talent and started appearing on VH1 television programs like “I Love The Series” and “Best Week Ever” which helped pave the way for her successful career.

As a television and film actress, Michelle has showcased her diverse acting skills in various projects. She made her mark in the film industry with roles in movies such as “Always Be My Maybe” and “First Wives Club”. Her talents have led her to land more opportunities in other television series and movies, becoming a recognizable name in the industry.

She has expertise in hosting as well, which she demonstrated by leading her own podcast titled “Late Night Whenever”. This podcast allowed her to display her comedic genius while engaging with guests in an interactive setting. The podcast further solidified her status as a leading figure in the world of comedy and entertainment.

Michelle then reached a breakthrough with her Netflix stand-up special, “Welcome to Buteaupia”. This show allowed her to present her unique brand of comedy to viewers, impressing both critics and fans. It was followed with a series of successful appearances on Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup,” where she continued to connect with the audience using her witty and relatable humor.

In addition to her podcast, Michelle is also a successful author. Her book, “Survival of the Thickest,” is a collection of personal essays that provide another platform for her to share her humor and storytelling ability. She effectively communicates her personal experiences and insights with a confident and knowledgeable tone, making it an enjoyable read.

Currently, Michelle Buteau’s career as an American stand-up comedian, actress, and host spans across television, film, and Netflix specials. She has established a solid presence in the entertainment industry with her unique comedic style, exceptional hosting abilities, engaging podcasts, and captivating storytelling through her book. As a result, she continues to amaze and entertain her audience while paving a successful path for herself in the world of comedy.


Michelle Buteau has had an extensive career spanning various platforms and genres in the entertainment industry. From movies to television hosting, this multifaceted comedian has certainly made her mark.

In the realm of movies, Michelle has appeared in both big-screen comedies and feature films. Two of her notable roles include “Someone Great” (2019) and “Isn’t It Romantic” (2019). In “Someone Great,” she played one of the lead character’s quirky friends, whereas, in “Isn’t It Romantic,” she portrayed a lovable assistant.

As a television host, Michelle has made frequent appearances on numerous TV shows and specials. She gained recognition as an Esquire network correspondent, as well as appearing on panels for VH1’s pop-culture show, Best Week Ever. Among the notable late-night talk shows she has had appearances on, Lopez Tonight and Last Comic Standing stand out.

Michelle has also shown her acting chops in hit TV shows such as Whitney and Key and Peele. Besides these comedies, she ventured into dramatic roles with her appearance on Netflix’s miniseries, Tales of the City. Furthermore, she has guest-starred in TV series such as Enlisted.

In addition to her acting roles, she has lent her voice to animated projects like Bless the Harts. Michelle’s undeniable charisma and versatile talent have allowed her to expand her horizons into various facets of the entertainment industry, shining in every role she has taken on.


Michelle Buteau is a successful podcast host best known for her work on the “Adulting” podcast. Launched in partnership with WNYC Studios, Adulting features Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos as they provide real-life advice and stories from their own experiences, all with a heavy dose of humor and honesty. The podcast quickly gained popularity and became one of the best podcasts of 2018.

Having a background in comedy and acting, Michelle Buteau has a talent for making even the most mundane aspects of adult life entertaining. With her confident and clear storytelling, the podcast has tackled topics ranging from personal finance and relationships to self-improvement and mental health. The hosts invite a diverse roster of guests, including comedians and experts who contribute their personal stories and advice.

In addition to hosting Adulting, Buteau has been a guest on other popular podcasts like “WTF with Marc Maron.” The podcasting community had embraced Buteau’s authentic voice and engaging personality, making her a favorite among listeners and fellow podcasters alike.

In summary, Michelle Buteau’s other ventures include TV shows, stand-up comedy, and a book of autobiographical essays titled “Survival of the Thickest.” Nonetheless, her work as a podcast host in Adulting and collaborations with other podcasters such as Marc Maron on WTF demonstrate her versatility, relatability, and skill in engaging audiences with her unique voice and perspective.

Awards and Accolades

Michelle Buteau has received appreciation and recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. One of her notable achievements is winning a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Special. Her comedy special, “Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia,” garnered positive reviews and admiration from both audiences and critics, paving the way for this prestigious honor.

Additionally, she has made an impact in the realm of writing, with her work being acknowledged at the 75th Annual Writers Guild Awards. As a talented and versatile artist, Michelle Buteau has proven her skills both on stage and on paper, earning her a spot among esteemed writers and performers.

In further recognition of her comedic prowess, Time Magazine has also taken notice of Michelle Buteau’s talent. Being featured in a renowned publication such as Time Magazine highlights the extent of her accomplishments, solidifying her place in the world of comedy.

With a confident and clear voice, comedian Michelle Buteau continues to dazzle audiences with her entertaining performances. Her multiple accolades are a testimony to her skills and dedication in the field of entertainment. As her career progresses, there is no doubt that she will continue to build upon her list of achievements and leave a lasting impression on the world of comedy.



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