Living in the Lap of Luxury

There are certain milestones you hit that let you know you’re smashing this “being an adult” thing pretty hard. These milestones change as we age. Out of college, it could have been as simple as having a refrigerator stocked full of fresh and healthy food. As you head toward retirement, it could be that you finally decided to shop Panerai watches. But what about the in-between? How do we make ourselves feel like we’re living the high life on the road to actually being in the proverbial Lap Of Luxury. Here are some ways to make your home and life feel like you’re genuinely on cloud nine.

Eat Like the Rich

We’ve all heard the phrase “Eat the Rich” (ew), but what about eating like the rich. What’s being inferred here is choosing the freshest, healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods as possible. Instead of filling your refrigerator and pantry full of quick, overly processed convenience items, load it instead with things like – fresh seasonal produce, gut health-building foods like krauts and probiotics. If you’re not eating plant-based, consider making the majority of your meals vegan, and when you do eat meat or dairy, source the highest quality (and mostly local) that your budget can afford you. Your health is your most significant marker of wealth, so the healthier you eat, the more luxurious your meals genuinely are.

Declutter Your Space

You’ve heard the phrase that an uncluttered home leads to an uncluttered mind. Well, the term exists because it’s true. And, we’re not suggesting you chuck out all your nostalgic pieces or tchotchkes that have a sentimental meaning to you. However, you don’t have to hold on to items that no longer serve you. Clothes you’re not wearing, decor you don’t particularly love, you get the idea. Donate these items, or if you feel so inclined, try selling them online to pad your bank account further. At the end of the day, the clearer your space, the more luxurious it’s going to look and feel, which ultimately leads to true peace and relaxation, which we all know, is worth its weight in gold.

Upgrade Where Possible

When it comes to your home, it’s your safe haven. Not only that, it shows the world (and your guests) who you are and what you value in this life. Not that Keeping Up With The Joneses is everything, but where you can afford to upgrade and update within your home, it’s definitely worth considering.

Whether that means you update your doors to include luxury sliding glass walls, or need to revamp your kitchen pantry or it’s more in your budget to DIY a new backsplash in the kitchen, make updates as you go along to not only keep your house in your signature style but to make it feel as luxurious as is within your means.

These upgrades also pay for themselves if and when you do decide to sell. Potential buyers are more attracted to homes that were obviously loved enough to have additions made through the years the previous owners were living there. So, hire a contractor or DIY but upgrade where possible, please!

Bring In The Greenery

It’s not a secret that plants bring more than just beauty to our living space. They are fantastic air purifiers and help with the quality of oxygen we breathe when we are at home, making them invaluable additions to our laps of luxury. There’s a reason why you always see gorgeous, large plants when you’re at the spa pampering yourself. They’re good for your health and well-being. So, while you may not want to go full-on jungalow (there is such a thing as too many plants in one space), adding them strategically throughout your home is a great way to elevate not only the aesthetic of the room but elevate your mood as well. So, head out to your local nursery and find some plants that speak to you. Bring them home and show them, so TLC and they’ll be your beautiful companions for many years to come. Some people have even passed long-living houseplants down to loved ones as heirlooms. Talk about dynastic wealth!

Obviously, this list isn’t all-inclusive. You may have your personalized markers of what makes you feel like you’re living the high life. Maybe you already are (lucky you!), but it’s certainly an easy way to jump-start your route to feeling like you’ve made it. And, for the record, if you’re healthy and happy, you already have.



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