Key Home Décor Trends for 2022

While many of us are thinking about our health and work lives and what we want to change and update in 2022, you might also be keen to give your house a fresh new makeover to start the year off with a bang.

If so, it pays to keep an eye on some of the key home décor trends that are likely to make their presence felt over the coming months. Here are some to consider for your property.

Curves Are In

It seems sharp edges are out, and comforting curves are in this year. Soft, feminine, wavy designs are right on trend in everything from gentle curves on couches to circular structural or built-in elements such as rounded columns and curved kitchen benches. Look out for waterfall corners on home office desks and flared arms on dining room or reading chairs, plus scalloped shapes on ottomans, consoles, and area rugs.

Even backsplash tiles and millwork are showing up with wavy motifs, while you’ll see more arched windows and softened corners on doorways in new buildings. If you’d like to join this trend, you could add a curved bar to your living room, buy a shapely headboard for your bedroom, or choose a rounded drum table and circular rug for your den.

Biophilic Design

It has been a growing trend for the last couple of years, but in 2022 we’ll see even more use of biophilic design. An emphasis on calming, greenery-filled living and working spaces in the home will flourish as people look for ways to bring the outdoors in and connect with nature, even if they’re stuck at home or the weather is not so nice outside.

Having plants around is said to improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, and boost concentration, which we’re all typically interested in enjoying. With so many of us working from home now, this is more important than ever. Establish a visual connection with nature in your home by adding plenty of lush potted and other plants, choose wallpaper covered with floral designs and use green in paint colors, furniture, accessories, and even fittings and fixtures. Be on the lookout for forest-inspired hues such as moss and emerald greens.

Focus on Interesting Crafts

It happens every decade or so, and right now, we’re seeing another big craft revival in the world of interior design. More and more consumers are growing weary of stark, minimalist environments and searching instead for warmer pieces that are vintage, antique, or specially handcrafted.

Many people took time during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns to learn new arts and crafts themselves, so this interest in creating things from scratch is extending into interior design, too. There’s a big draw now for craft items that are more appreciated than usual for the skill, time, and artistry involved. There’s great interest in intricately designed and made goods plus historic decorative forms, as well as the ability to display object collections in the home.

If you want to incorporate this trend, keep your eyes peeled for rustic linen fabrics, heavily textured ceramics, throne-like chairs, detailed consoles and sideboards, and lace-like designs. You might pick up a vintage vestibule to house a small vase collection in your hallway, for instance, buy an antique dresser at a thrift store or garage sale, or pick up a handmade quilt in a local store.

Fittings and fixtures can go down this handcrafted design route, too. For example, when choosing ceiling fans with remote controls for bedrooms or living rooms, etc., look for products made from wood and other warm-feeling materials and those with scalloped edges or showcasing vintage-style smoked glass. Light fixtures with pleats, tassels, ruffles, and the like will also bring some craft appeal.

Senses Top of Mind

Designers are increasingly focused on appealing to all the senses in the home, too. In 2022, the future of interiors is as much about smell and touch as it is about visual appeal. You’ll notice that scent takes center stage as we all pay more attention to the sensory experiences in our properties. We might use strong smells like sage and citrus in the home office to promote mental clarity and concentration and lavender and orange blossom in bedrooms to encourage sleep, rest, and calm.

Fragrances that promote the idea of coziness and the festive season, such as open fire scents, will be popular in living rooms, too. Plus, tactile surfaces and products will be popular this year, including touch-me wallpapers and other features, like sensor-activated faucets and more use of bamboo and other organic materials.

Other home décor trends you’ll notice in 2022 include patterned wooden floors, more multifunctional and separate spaces in the home, dramatic lights, the incorporation of built-in pet beds and other furniture, and Japandi stylings.

Whether you get in on one of these trends or a few of them, you’re sure to have fun updating your abode this year.



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