Jason Kidd Parents: Unveiling the Origins of a Basketball Legend

Jason Kidd, one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, was born in San Francisco and raised in an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Oakland. Jason Kidd parents, Steve Kidd and Anne Kidd, played a critical role in shaping his successful basketball career. Steve, an African-American, and Anne, an Irish-American, provided a supportive environment that enabled their son to hone his skills both on and off the court.

From a young age, Jason Kidd was highly scouted for AAU teams and tournaments, receiving various all-star and MVP awards. His parents, particularly his father, genuinely invested time and effort in his career. Steve Kidd recorded Jason’s games so that his son could watch the footage and learn how and where to improve. With his parents by his side, Jason went on to sign with the University of California at Berkeley and later became a star in the NBA.

Throughout his athletic journey, Jason Kidd parents have always been a source of inspiration and unwavering support. Their dedication and involvement in his growth and development have undoubtedly contributed to his incredible success as both a player and a head coach.

Early Life

Jason Frederick Kidd, born on March 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California, had a childhood that was shaped by his unique family background. His father, Steve Kidd, was an African-American, while his mother, Anne Kidd, was an Irish-American. Together, Jason’s parents provided him with a diverse upbringing that influenced his successful basketball career.

Growing up in a middle-class neighborhood of Alameda, near Oakland Coliseum, Jason was surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Despite his parents’ eventual divorce, Jason and his two younger sisters, Denise and Kim, were raised primarily by their mother, Anne. This strong family unit not only nurtured Jason’s personal growth but also contributed to his impressive athletic development.

Even in his youth, Kidd displayed exceptional basketball skills, attracting the attention of both Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) scouts and competitive teams. His dedication to the sport led him to earn numerous all-star and MVP awards during his early years.

Though Jason Kidd faced challenges as the child of a mixed-race family during a time of social change in the United States, his parents’ diverse backgrounds played an essential role in shaping his character and values. Today, as a renowned basketball player and coach, Jason Kidd stands as a testament to the importance of perseverance, dedication, and the support of loved ones in achieving success.

High School and College Career

St. Joseph Notre Dame High School

Jason Kidd attended St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda, California, where he excelled as a basketball player. He was highly scouted for AAU teams and tournaments, earning numerous all-star and MVP awards. His exceptional performance in high school led to his recruitment to play college basketball at a prestigious program.

University of California, Berkeley

Kidd chose to attend the University of California, Berkeley, to play college basketball. At Berkeley, he quickly made an impact on the team and the NCAA as a whole. During his two seasons with the Golden Bears, he achieved numerous milestones, such as being named a First Team All-American. Kidd also helped lead the team to two NCAA tournament appearances, where they advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in his freshman year. His impressive statistics and leadership at the University of California, Berkeley, solidified his position as a top prospect for the NBA, ultimately propelling him towards a successful professional career and eventual induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

NBA Player Career

Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns

Jason Kidd began his professional basketball career after being selected in the 1994 NBA Draft as the second overall pick by the Dallas Mavericks. In his rookie season, he won the NBA Co-Rookie of the Year award. As a point guard, he became well-known for his triple-doubles and exceptional playmaking abilities. In 1996, Kidd was traded to the Phoenix Suns, where he continued to excel, making five NBA All-Star teams and being named to the All-NBA First Team.

New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks

In 2001, Kidd was traded to the New Jersey Nets, where he would lead the team to two consecutive NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and 2003. Throughout his time with the Nets, he was a fixture in the NBA All-Star games and earned several All-NBA and All-Defensive team honors. In 2008, he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and then signed with the New York Knicks in 2012. He continued to demonstrate his skills as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, achieving numerous triple-doubles and ranking high in career steals.

Return to Mavericks and Championship

In 2011, Kidd returned to the Dallas Mavericks, where he played a vital role in helping the team achieve its first NBA Championship. His leadership and experience were instrumental in the Mavericks’ success, and he solidified his reputation as an exceptional point guard. Throughout his career, Kidd was a 10-time NBA All-Star and ranks second on the NBA all-time lists in career assists and steals. In addition to his NBA success, he was a member of Team USA’s “Redeem Team” in 2008, winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

Post-Playing Career

Early Coaching Years

After retiring from his illustrious playing career in 2013, Jason Kidd transitioned into coaching. His first head coaching job came in the form of leading the Brooklyn Nets for the 2013-2014 season. Under Kidd’s guidance, the Nets reached the playoffs with a 44-38 regular-season record but were eliminated in the second round. Following this single-year tenure, Kidd moved on to be the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks from 2014 to 2018. During his time with the Bucks, he helped develop the young and talented Giannis Antetokounmpo into a formidable force within the NBA.

Personal Life

Marriage and Family

Jason Kidd was born on March 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California, and raised in a middle-class neighborhood in Oakland. His father, Steve Kidd, is African-American, and his mother, Anne Kidd, is Irish-American. Jason stands tall at a height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 209 pounds.

In 1997, Jason Kidd married Joumana, and together they have three children. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2007. Later in life, Kidd found love again and married Porschla Coleman, a model, in 2011.

Legal Issues

Jason Kidd has dealt with legal issues in the past. In 2001, he was arrested following a domestic dispute with his then-wife, Joumana Kidd. This led him to attend anger management classes and eventually the couple divorced in 2007.

In recent years, Kidd faced another legal hurdle when he was arrested by the Southampton Town Police in New York, in 2012, for driving while intoxicated. This incident resulted in the suspension of his driving license and attending various programs as part of his plea agreement.

Despite these setbacks, Jason Kidd continues to focus on his successful professional basketball career, both as a player and a coach.



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