An In-depth Analysis: India Amarteifio Parents and Her Rise to Stardom

India Amarteifio, a young and talented actress from the United Kingdom, has been catapulting to fame with her unique acting skills. She has left a remarkable impression on the entertainment industry with her performances in various TV shows and films. However, one aspect that has captured the interest of many is the identity of India Amarteifio parents. This article delves into the details about her parentage, background, and her journey to stardom in the acting world.

India Amarteifio’s Parentage

The question that has been circulating on the internet is, “Who are India Amarteifio’s parents?” According to multiple sources, her parents are Nicole Amarteifio and Ben Amarteifio. Nicole, of German origin, is a former model and British actress with several commercials and films under her belt. On the other hand, Ben Amarteifio, a native of Ghana, is a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

The Mother: Nicole Amarteifio

Nicole Amarteifio, India’s mother, has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in several commercials and films. Some of her notable works include “The Fifth Element,” “The Mummy Returns,” and “Die Another Day.” Furthermore, Nicole is also a writer and producer, known for her work on projects such as “An African City,” a web TV show that follows the lives of five African women returning to their home continent after living abroad.

Nicole is not just an actress and a producer; she is also an advocate for women’s empowerment and representation in the media industry. She has spoken at various events and platforms, highlighting the importance of women’s roles in media. Nicole’s support for her daughter’s career is evident. She often posts about India’s achievements on her social media platforms and attends various events and premieres with her.

The Father: Ben Amarteifio

Ben Amarteifio, India’s father, moved to England from Ghana in the 1990s. He has established himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur across various industries, including real estate, hospitality, and media. Ben is the founder and CEO of Amarteifio Group, a conglomerate operating in multiple sectors such as energy, mining, agriculture, and technology.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ben Amarteifio is also a philanthropist. He supports various causes and initiatives in Ghana and beyond. He is the chairman of the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards, an event that celebrates the achievements of Ghanaians living in the UK and Europe. He is also the patron of the GUBA Foundation, which aims to improve the health and well-being of Africans in the diaspora and on the continent.

Ben Amarteifio is a proud father who often shares his daughter’s achievements on his social media platforms. He has also accompanied India to various events and premieres, showing his unwavering support for her career.

India Amarteifio’s Early Life and Education

India Amarteifio was born on September 17, 2001, in Kingston upon Thames, England. She grew up in Twickenham and was exposed to the arts at an early age. When she was eleven, she joined the Richmond Academy of Dance. Due to her exceptional talent, she earned a scholarship to attend the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Diving into the Acting World

India’s journey into the world of acting began when she was just a child. She made her debut on the West End in 2011, playing the young Nala in the iconic production of “The Lion King” at the Lyceum Theatre. Her early foray into the world of theatre provided a solid foundation for her budding talent and ignited her passion for the performing arts.

Following this, she appeared in “Matilda the Musical” at the Cambridge Theatre, where she played the role of Hortensia. In 2013, she joined the original cast of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, playing the role of Violet Beauregarde. The same year, she made her television debut in the BBC One film “Gangsta Granny.”

Over the years, India has appeared in a plethora of television shows and films, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. She has earned critical acclaim for her performances and has even gained recognition as a Bright Young Thing by Tatler and was listed in the 2023 Variety list of 10 Brits to Watch.

A Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry

India Amarteifio’s career took a significant leap when she landed a role in the Disney Channel TV show “The Evermoor Chronicles” in 2015. She portrayed the character of Lacie Fairburn, a role she played for both series of the show. Simultaneously, she appeared in popular mini-series “The Interceptor” and guest-starred in an episode of “Doctor Who.” Her versatility was further showcased when she took on recurring roles in acclaimed shows such as “Line of Duty” and “The Tunnel.”

India’s feature film debut came in 2019 with the comedy-drama “Military Wives.” However, her breakthrough moment arrived when she was selected to play a young version of Queen Charlotte in the Netflix period drama prequel, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” Her portrayal of Queen Charlotte has been applauded by critics and audiences alike, further cementing her status as an actress to watch.

India Amarteifio’s Personal Life

Despite her rising fame, India prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. She currently lives with her mother in England and has not revealed much about her siblings, if she has any.

Looking Forward

Looking ahead, India Amarteifio’s future in the entertainment industry seems promising. Her talent, dedication, and hard work have already earned her critical acclaim, and with each passing year, she continues to evolve and hone her skills. She is a testament to the fact that with supportive parents like Nicole and Ben Amarteifio, a passion for performing, and a dedication to the craft, the sky’s the limit.


India Amarteifio is undeniably a British actress to watch. Her performances on stage and screen have captivated audiences, and her future in the industry appears bright. Her parents, Nicole and Ben Amarteifio, have played a crucial role in her career, providing her with unwavering support and encouragement. Their diverse cultural heritage has also shaped India’s perspective and approach to her craft. As India continues her journey in the entertainment world, it’s exciting to see what the future has in store for this rising star.



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