How to Save Money on Transport

An efficient transport system is essential to a healthy society. Transport connects you to the people around you and allows you to access jobs and essential facilities like hospitals and shops. Some people choose to drive a car while others rely on public transport like buses and trains.

However, paying for transport – whether it’s a car or public transport – can become a large monthly expense. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your transportation costs. Here are some simple ways to save money on transport:

Shop around for cheaper car insurance

Cars are the most common mode of transport and 91% of households have access to a vehicle according to the US Department of Transportation. Many people believe that owning a car is essential for everyday life, especially for people who live in rural areas that lack public transport.

Taking out car insurance is crucial as it will protect you and others from the financial costs of an accident. A simple way to reduce the cost of running a car is by shopping around to find cheaper car insurance. For instance, Root Insurance provides car insurance quotes based on the safety of your driving rather than demographics like your gender or age. You could get significantly cheaper car insurance for being a responsible driver.

Carpool to save money on gas

Paying for gas is another significant expense of running a car. Gas prices have increased steadily over the years and the average American now spends $175 a month on gasoline according to

Carpooling is an easy way to save money on gas and it’s better for the environment. When you carpool with another person, you reduce your gas costs by 50% which will lead to huge cost savings over time. If a colleague lives nearby, then see if they want to share lifts to and from work. You will both save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

Travel outside of peak times

If you use public transport to travel, then buying tickets outside of peak times can slash your transportation costs significantly. Off-peak tickets can be up to 50% cheaper and you will get to travel when it is less busy. Cheaper fares can usually be found outside of rush hour (that is after 10 am) and on certain days of the week.

Booking tickets in advance can also save you money. Local bus companies do not usually sell tickets in advance, but you can usually purchase tickets for trains and flights months before you travel. Generally speaking, the early you book the cheaper the ticket will be. You may also be able to get discount tickets by booking last minute.

Purchase a season ticket

If you use public transport regularly then you should consider purchasing a season ticket to save money. Many bus companies and train operators offer monthly and annual season tickets when you pay a set amount and then have unlimited travel during that period.



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