How To Put An a Small Outdoor Party and Fireworks Show (For the Fourth of July)

Whether it’s preparing for a spectacular independence day celebration or setting up a small-scale shindig for the fourth, a fireworks show can delight guests and beautifully light up the night sky for all to see. A small, outdoor gathering can be a safe, socially distanced alternative to a big party in these unprecedented times. Fireworks can be a blast and liven things up for both you and your guests. Here are a few ideas for putting on a small outdoor party for the fourth of July this year (or any year). Hey, it’s never too early to plan ahead! Here’s a short list of things to do in advance of your next independence day celebration.

Always check local laws ahead of time 

Knowing and understanding your local laws and ordinances is the key to having a successful celebration for the Fourth of July or any fireworks-appropriate holiday. It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it can often be overlooked. While most consumer fireworks are legal in most states, there are usage and type restrictions in place that vary by state. Some states allow only novelties, and one state (Massachusetts) disallows any type of consumer fireworks. Resources for state laws are typically available from the local library, county/state website, and large databases that compile laws online. Permits, certifications, and insurance aren’t a bad idea, either, though requirements again vary by state. Before planning your celebration, be sure to brush up on whichever laws apply to your state and once you’ve ensured compliance to any applicable laws, plan your celebration and have some fun!

Get your fireworks in advance online

Planning a Fourth of July celebration requires diligence and buying supplies in advance. Luckily, legal fireworks are readily available via online marketplaces. Look for a reputable vendor with plenty of knowledge and options. Some companies pour considerable time, energy, and effort into developing spectacular fireworks. They might take some colors or effects they’ve never seen, mash them together, and create something entirely unique. Some vendors will also offer free shipping or rewards programs where applicable. When it comes to variety, however, the internet doesn’t hold back. When you buy fireworks online, you can get anything from sampler packs (containing different types of fireworks) to aerials and beyond. Fireworks fun is just a point-and-click away.

Adhere to proper use and safety protocols

The cardinal rule of using any type of fireworks is safety, safety, safety. Improper or unsafe use can result in severe injury. Don’t take that chance! It’s prudent to take a common-sense approach to fireworks use. Always follow package instructions, never aim a firework at another person, and always have a bucket of water handy just in case. Proper fireworks handling/storage and using appropriate personal protective equipment are also a must for any celebration involving fireworks. It should also go without saying that you should only use fireworks outdoors. Following these and other vital safety guidelines will help you create a happy and safe celebration that’s fun for everyone.

Plan every detail of the display

Planning a magnificent fireworks display requires some imagination and attention to detail. Here is some advice for putting on a show:

  • Keep away from structures.
  • Follow a step-by-step plan if putting on a larger display.
  • Select the right fireworks for celebration. Anything from sparklers to magnificent aerial shells that explode into unique shapes in the sky can easily enhance any fireworks show.
  • Set your show to music.
  • Consider unique, modern fireworks. These can be anything specially designed or a modern take on a classic. Just make sure they’re legal first!  
  • Use electronics to set off the fireworks remotely so you can enjoy the show too.
  • Put on a small fireworks show. Don’t try to do anything spectacular. Focus on creating something simple and fun that will create positive memories for your guests. 

Find the ideal effects

Once you’ve acquired legal fireworks, figured out safety procedures, and are operating per the proper local laws, it’s time to decide on what kinds of effects you want in your show. If you’re seeking a dynamic aerial display, you can get shells that dispense a kind of pattern after launching into the sky. With various styles and effects like the chrysanthemum shape or a brocade (kind of a spider-like design in the sky), aerial fireworks can provide some of the most awe-inspiring displays. If you’re looking for something smaller, ground fireworks like fountains, ground spinners, and snakes can be just the right amount of fun for any small gathering. For alternative fun, there are the novelties like snappers and sparklers that can be fun with the right frame of mind.    



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