How to prevent damages to your home appliances from electric power surges?

Improper wiring at our house is something most of us are not aware of. Due to this, our appliances as well as peripherals are at a constant risk of getting damaged. The fluctuation in electricity supply can be due to power grid failure, poor wiring, unnecessary electricity load and whatnot. We have some tips to help you protect your devices from the power surge in a very effective way:

1. Use interrupted power supplier:

It is a common practice to use surge protectors to safeguard home appliances. However, some people are also seen using UPS for this purpose. UPS is a battery backup product that has a tendency to keep your appliance protected in case of power fluctuation. Although UPS does not work as effectively as a surge protector, you should replace the battery of UPS every 5 years if you want to use it for this purpose anyway. AGM Deep Cycle Battery at Sunyee  can be given a consideration while choosing a reliable battery backup productand find out the right type of battery for yourself 

2. Unplug all the devices:

Sometimes, the power surge is due to bad weather and other weather related disasters such as lightening. When the weather is severe, it is better to unplug all the devices from their supplies. In the event of lightening, the electric charges always often strike the home wiring system. So, if the devices are removed from the circuit, they can be prevented from the damage 

3. Use a surge protection system at home:

If you looking for something that can prevent you from damages that you might have to face due to unforeseen electric power surges, use surge protection system. Some people use surge protectors for various devices individually. Using an entire system gives you a peace of mind. This system works by dissipating electric charges into the ground causing no damage to your home electronics. 

4. Keep check on the wiring of the home:

As a matter of fact, poor wiring or the wiring system getting older and less effective is a primary cause of electricity fluctuation. You need to get the inspection of the entire wiring system as you realise the wiring system is getting older. The fluctuation can also happen if the insulation of the wiring gets damaged due to exposure to the moisture, or insects sharpening their teeth with biting insulation. Get the inspection of the system done and ensure that the circuit is safe

5. Calculate the capacity of the surge protector carefully:

Every surge protector comes with a limited capacity which means, it can protect the devices from the power surge of a certain limit. If you are using heavy duty appliances and peripherals at home, try to find the surge protector of high capacity. Make sure that you have a correct estimate of volts, watts and amperes. If your surge protector can handle 5 devices at a time, don’t overload with the sixth one.



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