How to Prepare for Rainy Days

Rain on the weather forecast can mean cozy days inside for some, while it can truly test the foundation of homes for others. If you have purchased a home in the past, then you will know that it can be difficult to tell in advance what your foundation is made of until it is put to the test – which can be an uncomfortable surprise. Whether it is a wet basement or mold in the bathroom, you want your home to be safe. Therefore, it is crucial to know what signs you have to watch out for to spot and deal with water damage head-on. This article will provide you with the adequate steps to do exactly that. 

If it smells wrong, it’s worth having a look

Water damage does not always happen from one day to the other, but damages can occur gradually. Mold spores are present everywhere and prosper in damp conditions. Particularly at risk are poorly ventilated areas within your house, such as basements, or rooms with high humidity, for instance, your bathroom. If not taken care of properly, it may mean there are larger problems for you in-store. Not only can increasing spore growth lead to health problems, but it can cause structural damages to your house. To avoid a high concentration of mold, ensure to clean surfaces regularly to prevent any deposits. Should there already be a high concentration of mold present, which is recognizable by a distinctive smell, you should use suitable cleaning products to guarantee its removal. 

It’s better to be prepared

Sometimes damages are not as subtle, though, and can be due to overflooding or leakages. This can expose your house to immediate harm, and it is essential to take measures as soon as you notice this. Any sounds of dripping water or noticeable puddles on the floor are grounds to investigate the situation further. While basements can be easily neglected as they are often used for storage rather than for recreational use, failure to do regular checks can cost you more in the long run. Beyond structural damage to your home, your stored items can be harmed beyond repair if the mold manifestation grows out of hand. It is, therefore, better to get your basement in shape. Experts, such as Helitech, an experienced basement waterproofing specialist, can support you and provide you with the necessary work to get your foundation ready to face the worst of weather. Options range from interior to exterior waterproofing, making sure there is a solution no matter the problem.

Worth the investment 

While getting the proper work done can be a hefty investment at first, it pays off long-term, especially if you intend to live in your home for a long time. Without intervention and preventative measures, a small-scale problem can have a ripple effect and cause you headaches for the years to come. After all, what is more, suitable than spending your savings for a rainy day on rainy days?



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