How to make a style statement with pearl?

Nowadays, pearls look casual, cool and trendy. They can give a chic edge to your modern gown. Pearl necklaces have a great place in evening engagements and formal events. Moreover, pearl jewelry has numerous health benefits, and pearls can eradicate evil effects. After wearing pearls, you can fight many health issues.

Whether you want a classic vibe, boho, business-chic, preppy or modern appeal, pearl shines in every ensemble. With its timeless appeal, unmatched beauty, and elegant shine, pearl necklaces can elevate your look effortlessly.

You can find stylish pearl necklace in Melbourne to wear on different occasions. Remember, you will have several choices in pearl necklaces according to pearls’ shape, color, and size. If you want to wear it with elegance and style, here are some tips for you.

Focus on Length

Layered and short choker like pearl necklace looks dressier to grab eyeballs. You can choose it for a formal look. For a relaxed look, you should avoid choker. A classic pearl necklace (16 – 18-inch) is suitable to wear with jeans and a casual top. The length will rest slightly below your throat for a chick look.

Long necklaces may work well with casual dresses. You can layer different sizes and lengths for a stunning look. Try to avoid rope pearl necklaces because they may look dressy with a twisted and knotted design. Remember, everything depends on your personal taste and personality. You can play with the length of pearl strands to get the best look.

Size of Pearl Necklaces

You can make statement pieces with large pearl necklaces. These will draw more attention; therefore, choose it for high-end events. Make sure to pick a perfect balance to feel comfortable with the pearl size.


Classic pearls come in off-white and white colors. Nowadays, you can get them in pink, black, gold and several other colors. If you want a casual look, feel free to choose pastel colors. A white summer dress look elegant with lavender pearls.

Undoubtedly, colorful pearls look fun and casual. These can successfully go with several outfits. You have to focus on your complexion, style and skin tone while selecting color.

Shape of Pearls

For a chic and traditional style, round pearls will not go wrong. To add some interest and quirkiness, you can prefer baroque pearls. Every baroque pearl has a unique touch and personality.

Feel free to mix baroque pearls with other shapes or wear a single baroque pearl neckpiece. Fortunately, you can lay with different things according to the event.

Personal Style

A classic pearl strand is famous for casual style with or without any knots between them. This traditional type is famous for everyone. You can follow your personal style and preferences for a pearl necklace.

People like to wear pearls in metal chains at equal intervals. It is a casual and chick look for teens. Moreover, you can wear pearls on a pendant or chain to make a personal statement. Several designs are available, from casual to high-end. You are free to pick one and combine it with your dress.



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