How to Help Your Parents Enjoy Retirement

As we get older, the people that we have previously relied on for everything start to need to rely on us. While your parent might not need your help the second they retire, so to speak, they will need you to be there. Retirement offers a lot of free time that those who have worked their entire lives often struggle to deal with.

If your parents are more recluse and have few friends, then there is also the issue of social isolation, and of course, they aren’t getting any younger. Sooner or later their health will begin to deteriorate and they will need advanced care.

Knowing what to expect, and how to help them at all stages of their retirement, is how you can be there for them and help them enjoy their golden years to their fullest. This is the best time to reconnect with your parents and to help them set themselves up for the best years of their lives.

Social Opportunities

For those who just retire, the potential for social isolation is huge. A massive part of their social calendar (their job) has now been closed to them, and unless they were very friendly and have plenty of people in their social circles, they will certainly feel the loss.

Thankfully, there are many social opportunities available to help them get out, bringing back some stability and focus to their life:


One of the best ways for them to find fulfillment and make new friends is through volunteering. They can use their skills to improve their community, or just volunteer in a low-effort task that allows them to connect with others. As it’s a volunteer position, there is nothing stopping them from finding other options if one doesn’t work out, or taking a month or more off to go travel when the urge arises.


Now is the perfect time to learn the skills they have always wanted to. There are community classes that they can take, as well as workshops and even online opportunities, which will allow them to connect with their fellow classmates, as well as keeping their minds sharp and even open up a new world of hobbies to them.

Community Events

Community events are hosted all the time, and participating either directly, or indirectly by attending, is a great way to meet people and to truly get involved with what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Travel Opportunities

When you retire, one of the best opportunities that you can and should take is traveling. This is especially true for those who are still young at heart and ready to take on the world. They can take cruises, pre-planned trips, or even just jet off somewhere and make their way on their own.

What you can do is help your parents know their options, especially if they are going to be a solo traveler. Most don’t want to jet off on their own, but with group travel options they can meet people and make friends, while also exploring the places they have always wanted to see.

Assisted Living Options

Some people may never need assisted living. Others may prefer a carer to come to their home. Either way, it is important to know your options. Senior homes are not just places where people can go and dump their aging parents. Premium options such as Belmont Village Senior Living offer a wide variety of housing options that allow your parents to live with as much freedom or support as their health requires. Not only will they benefit from social opportunities, they can also take classes and go on trips. It’s the ultimate retirement opportunity to enjoy comfortable living arrangements with on-call medical assistance available if and when necessary.

When it comes to assisted living options there are four main choices in front of you:

Bringing in a Carer

The first option is to hire a nurse or carer to come in and help your parents as necessary in their own home. You could even become a carer and get paid by the government to care for your parents, if the opportunity sounds interesting to you.

Independent Living Homes

For those who don’t need advanced care, but do want to have new social opportunities, independent living homes are the perfect balance. They are retirement communities that encourage their residents to socialize, get out, try new activities, take fitness classes, and explore the area; and they even have on-site medical staff should a health issue arise.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is best for those who have advanced medical needs that cannot be easily taken care of by a non-clinical carer. Just ensure that the facility you are going to creates a custom plan for your parent or parents, and that it offers a variety of programs to ensure they are able to lead an enriching life, even if they need advanced care.

Memory Care Neighborhoods

If your parent is suffering from dementia then you need professionals, and you need a stable environment. Taking care of a loved one with dementia can make many people feel overwhelmed, which is why they need to be supported by experts in their field. The best options are memory care neighborhoods, which mimic the feel of independent living, while also ensuring the safety of the residents.

Tips for Financing

Private savings and pensions don’t go that far these days, which is why many people end up selling their family home to move to a smaller abode. Unless they need a large sum in advance, it is actually better to rent out the family home so that they have a larger sum of monthly income that can be used throughout their retirement. You want to avoid your parents outliving their savings, so by improving their passive income opportunities you can help ensure they continue to have the funds to live out their golden years in glitz and glam.

Knowing your options and being pushed to get out there is the hardest step for all of us. You can help your parents to enjoy their retirement by informing them of new social opportunities, and even going with them for the first few times until they feel confident in their new life.



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