How to approach a girl

How to Approach a Girl – Tips to Come out Charming and Confident

Why guys avoid approaching attractive women? It is a question many people ask. Well, in most cases, guys simply do not know how to approach a girl they have just met. But if you learn the fundamentals, you can go a long way.

We all know someone who is all talk and no action. Well, if you want to avoid being that guy, you have to learn the secrets to how to approach a girl. Instead of wishing you had talked to that girl you swear was into you, we will help you become the guy who talks with women oozing confidence and charm.

Use eye contact

Approaching a woman you have never met before is easier if you have an invitation for an approach. And the trick is to pay attention to eye contact. When you want to approach an attractive girl start by making eye contact.

If she looks up and catches your gaze, just hold the contact for a few seconds, and give her a relaxed smile. It is a good first impression and shows you are a friendly and confident guy. Don’t just stare at her like a creepy dude.

If she holds the contact, she is interested as well. Same as if she looks away but then back at you. Don’t want for more invitations, you have a clear way to approach her and strike a conversation.

The walk tall strategy

One of the ways you can show you are confident when walking to a girl is the walk tall strategy. What is it? Well, it is simply a strategy in which you stand up straight, and have a manly gait about your walk.

Think Humphrey Bogart. Watch some of his movies, and see how he walks up to a girl. Confidence makes everything easier, and women love confident men. Practice it at home.

Look for the “Go” signals

In addition to eye contact, there are others “go” signals you can watch for before approaching a girl. If you pay attention, you can easily see the difference between being ignored and winning a date.

Here are a couple of “go signs

  • If a girl is sitting or standing and looks relaxed, she is in a positive mood. If she shows open body language, she is more open to a conversation with a stranger
  • If you notice several glances or smiles your way, a girl is interested in you and you can start a conversation
  • When a girl is upset, chances are she has a bad day, and she won’t respond positively when approached by a stranger
  • If a girl is deeply preoccupied with something, do not interrupt her, as you won’t make a good first impression

Bring a female wingman

Going to bars alone is easy if you are a type of person who can easily strike a conversation with anyone. But the fact of the matter is, not all men are like that. That is where a wingman comes in handy.

And we have an even better idea here. Bring in a female wingman. Who knows most about girls? Other girls. Bringing a female friend is a risky move, but one that can be worth taking.

When you bring a female friend with can make you look unavailable. But at the same time, can make you look in demand, and when other girls see you are normal and some woman doesn’t mind hanging with you, they might want you to.

Approach from the side

This is one handy trick that experienced men use for how to approach a girl. Think about this for a second. When you talk with friends, you are not facing each other dead on. The same strategy works with a woman. When you approach from the side, or you at least pivot there after the initial approach, it is a more natural way to talk to her. Speaking to someone eye to eye feels like a job interview or an interrogation, and that is not something anyone feels comfortable doing.

Prove you are worth talking to

Women are hesitant to talk to men they just met. One way you can keep the conversation going is by proving you are worth talking to. Women usually ask three things before they decide whether they should talk to someone. Those are what do they want from me, is this someone I can trust and is he worth my time.

The moment you answer those questions, the girl will be more comfortable engaging in a conversation with you. Some good conversation starters include:

  • Ask for advice for a good place to eat or a gym
  • Be playful, and use dramatic pauses to keep the suspense and attention
  • Ask for a favor like, can you hold my jacket while I grab these drinks
  • Make a stand, but do not overdo it

Countdown to 3

We are all afraid of something. And for some guys, the fear of being rejected or laughed on is real. That is why they avoid talking and approaching girls. One strategy you can try is the “two-second rule”, or some call it “Countdown to 3” rule.

What is the trick? Go approach a girl within two seconds of seeing her. Just walk up to her and do not overthink anything.

If you do not approach a girl within the two seconds, you start thinking of what to say, what might happen and so on. The countdown trick is the following, count down to three as you are moving up to her. It is a psychological trick to give confidence to people, and you can use it for how to approach a girl.

Show you are harmless

Women want to avoid creepy guys. And guys they think are harmful, boring, or if they see any negative about them. Their brains are programmed to read your body language. And that starts from the moment you approach them.

The trick here is to show a woman you are harmless. Use your body language to show you are friendly. How can you do that?

Here are some tricks.

  • Direct eye contact upon approach
  • Open body language
  • Visible hands to reassure you are not going to hurt them

What to say to a woman you just met

Once you approach a woman, the biggest challenge is what to say to a woman to start the conversation. The trick is to keep things positive, light, and fun. No woman wants to discuss the political situation when approached by someone.

Most importantly, say something you are comfortable saying. You do not need an amazing opening line. That is a myth most men believe in. you do not need to dazzle a woman with some cheesy opening line. Genuine compliment or a simple “Hi” will do the trick to start a conversation with a woman that shows some interest in you.



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