How Professional Degree in Marketing Gives You An Edge Over Others?

In today’s tech-savvy world, everyone is in search of lucrative job opportunities. From technology, finance, manufacturing, public relations to marketing – students have many career choices. These days, every multi-national brand has one thing in common – the marketing department. It has become the most diverse business fields with incredible career opportunities. If you have a creative personality with an imaginative brain, pursuing a marketing degree could be a perfect choice.

As digital marketing has taken off, the demand in this industry is also skyrocketing. Organizations need savvy marketers to expand their reach beyond a local audience. Similarly, they want to connect with people personally to increase lead prospects. Although you can delve into this field with a standard business qualification, a marketing degree will give you an edge over other candidates. In addition to building marketing expertise, you will get the hang of savvy digital tools.

Whether it is artificial intelligence or search engine optimization (SEO) – it will help you stay on top of evolving trends. If you have any second thoughts about a specialized marketing degree, let us help you decide. Here are six ways how a professional degree in marketing gives you an edge over others.

1. Builds Marketing Expertise

Unlike business programs, a marketing degree revolves around specialized marketing practices. You will learn about applied marketing research and metrics using the statistical program SPSS. It unfolds customer insights, purchase patterns, and their ever-evolving trends. Likewise, you will discover how to design research surveys, collect live data, and analyze it for future marketing strategies.

These extensive marketing skills come from advanced courses. If you already have an undergrad degree, start looking for the best marketing MBA program online to become a marketing pro. It builds competitive skills in students to help them keep up with changing market dynamics. Here we are listing a few skills you will acquire during your degree program.

  • Leadership: Teaches how to manage and lead a marketing team while working on different projects.
  • Strategizing: People’s tastes and preferences change rapidly; you will learn how to build strategies and execute them.
  • Communication: Unfolds effective communication ways to deal with employers and clients readily.
  • Problem-Solving: The marketing department encounters overwhelming challenges. A marketing degree will teach how to apply creative thinking and analysis to overcome roadblocks hindering growth opportunities.

2. Fosters Career Growth

Unsurprisingly, every person wants to climb up the professional ladder. Luckily, the marketing MBA degree automatically positions you for better pay and job prospects. In 2019, the median salary of employees with a bachelor’s degree was $1281. In comparison, the advanced degree holder’s earning was $1559. Alongside higher wages, it qualifies you for managerial roles and positions. Thus, you will have the autonomy and authority over decisions and other employees.

Moreover, the marketing degree offers consistent career support. You get to participate in interviews, workshops, and personal branding classes. Likewise, you will attend training programs to learn about tech-savvy innovations in the marketing world. At business schools, you won’t be alone when it comes to applying for jobs. Employers recruit employees from schools, while the career teams connect you to alumni for advice and guidance.

3. Grows Network

Believe it or not but pursuing a marketing degree is different from a business degree. Whether you study online or on-campus – it will unwind unlimited opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relationships. After all, your professors, classmates, advisors, and other people will be valuable networking assets. They expose students to real-world situations and scenarios, assisting them in putting theory into practice.

Likewise, they create many networking opportunities. Students have to attend tradeshows, where all giant companies are marketing their products and services. They participate in industry competitions and seminars to build professional relationships. All these contacts lead to beneficial job opportunities once you graduate. 

4. Develops Digital-Savvy Skills

Today, working in the marketing department requires more than knowledge and experience. Marketing professionals have to be tech-friendly to apprehend changing tastes and fashion. Fortunately, a marketing degree offers an opportunity to become a digital native. It familiarizes you with big data, digital tools, and gives an understanding of consumer behavior. Students also get a chance to devise their marketing campaigns. It could be repositioning an old product, sending out a reminder, or bringing something new into the market.

The curriculum also includes powerful data consumer analytics, letting you predict the upcoming trends. Similarly, the courses on branding strategy will help you draft a suitable branding strategy. Most importantly, you will master the art of creating a balance between the digital and the real-world. In addition to social media, email, and other marketing forums, students will determine branding products’ importance.

5. Establishes Your Portfolio

In conventional business degrees, students don’t get an opportunity to build their portfolios. Internships usually involve routine desk jobs, failing to give exposure and industry experience. However, the marketing world doesn’t follow similar protocols. All volunteer programs and internships allow students to become a part of something big. If an organization is expanding customer outreach, internees can also participate.

It will help in gaining professional portfolio pieces while broadening horizons. You will come across new ideas, concepts, and sources of innovation. You will also learn different ways of doing things. For instance, you might have thought growth is only possible by getting customers. And seeing how a company grows by launching new products will be an incredible learning experience.

6. Opportunity to Go Big with Data

When it comes to beating the horse race, you have to develop the most in-demand skills in the market. And in the 21st century, it means you have to go big with data. Since data is becoming crucial for business owners, there has never been a better time to learn data analysis. A marketing degree schools students about data analysis, allowing them to understand audiences in a quantifiable way.

In addition to this, data-driven marketing techniques help in decision-making and customer retention. You can forecast demand and create new product strategies based on facts and statistics, which is far better than making blind guesses. Surprisingly, the datasets are expanding rapidly, but the marketing world is experiencing a talent shortage. With these skills, you will land lucrative jobs with incredible growth prospects.

To Conclude,

Undoubtedly, every qualification and degree has its share of challenges and benefits. But when it comes to winning over other candidates, a marketing degree would be a perfect choice. With emerging technology and digital tools, this industry is experiencing skyrocketing growth. As a result, it unfolds new job prospects and overwhelming career opportunities. If you want to flaunt some creative skills in a fast-paced working environment, sign up for a marketing degree.



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