How Much Cooler Do Windshield Sun Shades Really Keep Your Car?

You’ve probably seen neighbors and friends use sun shades to shield their cars from direct sunlight. If you’re curious how well these products work, learn more today. Check out the best sun shades for summer, truck covers and other highly rated products online.

How Do Windshield Sun Shades Work

One of the main reasons the interior of your vehicle heats up is direct sunlight. Direct UV ray exposure through your windshield and other windows increase the heat of the air and surface temperatures inside your vehicle. On a particularly warm summer day, the interior of your car can be at least 110 degrees. Dashboard surface temperatures can be closer to 200 degrees.

Custom fit car window shades fold or expand to cover the entire surface of your windshield. This blocks most of the light coming into your car and heating up your dashboard. A highly reflective material can reduce interior temperatures by up to 60 degrees.

Of course, you can only receive this high level of heat reduction if you choose a highly rated sun shade. Some are designed to reflect heat better than others, so use care when shopping for these products.

Some shades are placed outside your vehicle, but there are obvious limitations to this design. Avoid theft or the wind taking your sun shade by choosing a folding or retractable option that fits inside your vehicle. The rearview mirror and dashboard will help hold it in place to reflect significant amounts of sunlight before you’re ready to remove it and hit the road.

Best Windshield Sun Shades for Summer

Some shades are made from non-reflective materials. These reduce the interior temperature slightly, but aren’t as effective as a reflective sunshade. Choose a highly rated shade with a reflective coating for maximum reflection of sunlight and heat.

Check out the warranty of your sun shade. A short warranty doesn’t necessarily mean that the shade won’t last, but it doesn’t give you the same peace of mind as a warranty of two years or  more. If all those UV rays or routine use wears out your product in less than a year or two, it’s time to upgrade to a reliable brand.

Just like the best RV cover, the best windshield sun shade is designed to fit your vehicle. Choose an adjustable shade, one that fits the measurements of your windshield or one designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle. The best shades are easy to install, easy to remove and easy to love.

Look out for a stylish sun shade to personalize your ride. An American Flag print or branded shade can help you easily spot your vehicle in a parking lot. These products are made to fit everything from compact vehicles to semi trucks, so be sure to choose one that matches your ride.

Order a Sun Shade Today

Create a cool ride all summer with a custom windshield sun shade. Shop online to find a reflective, highly rated one that fits your windshield and your budget. Try it out in your driveway or head out on a summertime vacation with your new sun shade.



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