The Untold Story Behind Neal Currey’s Death

Neal Currey, a well-known figure in the firearm industry and a decorated veteran, tragically ended his own life on September 10, 2022. His death has raised many questions and sparked a conversation on the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), particularly among military veterans. In this article, we delve into the details of how Neal Currey died and the factors that led to his tragic end.

The Life and Times of Neal Currey

Neal Currey was known for his strong presence on social media platforms, where he built a family of followers who admired his lifestyle and shared a common interest in firearms. A former Army Ranger, the firearm enthusiast was a dedicated serviceman who had completed four tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

His dedication towards his country was reflected in his decision to join the Army at the age of 24, which was influenced by the 9/11 attacks. Despite his successful career and seemingly perfect life, Neal was silently fighting his own battle, one that was not visible to the world.

The Invisible Wounds of War

Neal’s wife, Casey Nichelle Currey, revealed that the memories of the war had haunted him for a long time and that he was suffering from PTSD. This mental health condition, often associated with war veterans, was a constant struggle for Neal. It’s a battle that is not the same as combat – it lingers long after the soldiers have returned home and continues to affect them in their daily lives.

Casey Currey highlighted how her wonderful husband, like many others, was suffering from the unseen wounds of war. These invisible scars stayed with him long after his service had ended, residing in the deepest corners of his psyche.

The Struggle Behind the Scenes

Despite his ability to compartmentalize his life and hide his struggles, there were moments when the pain would surface. These periods were described by Casey as an internal war, similar to combat, with days of victory and defeat. This continuous battle was unseen by the world but was a significant part of the Iraq war veteran’s life.

The Tragic End of a Warrior

On September 10, 2022, Neal Anthony Currey decided to end his own life, becoming another statistic in a long string of veterans who have taken their own lives due to PTSD. His death, a tragic reminder of the ongoing cost of war, has shed light on the real struggles of individuals dealing with PTSD.

The Impact of Neal’s Death

The news of firearms influencer Neil Currey’s death sent shockwaves through his online community. His Instagram, filled with videos of high-powered weaponry and family adventures, was suddenly filled with tributes from followers expressing disbelief and grief at his passing.

More than an Influencer

Beyond his social media presence, Neal was a successful entrepreneur. He was the owner of Ready Gunner, a popular gun shop that was well-regarded in the industry. He was also the founder of 2A Media, a company dedicated to promoting a positive message about firearms.

A Family Man

Despite his struggles, the social media firearms influencer was a dedicated family man. He and Casey had one child together, and he was a stepfather to four children from a previous relationship. His love for his family was evident in his posts, where he often shared their outdoor adventures and cherished moments.

Honoring Neal’s Legacy

Neal’s death has led to a renewed focus on the issue of PTSD among war veterans. His wife, Casey, has used this tragic event to raise awareness about the silent struggles of soldiers. She has urged people to be more vigilant in recognizing the signs of someone needing help and to provide support whenever possible.


The question of how did Neal Currey die brings us to a deeper understanding of the invisible battles many war veterans face. His story serves as a stark reminder that behind the perfect lives we often see on social media, there can be a hidden struggle that is as real as any physical war. It is a wakeup call for us to extend our support to those battling their inner demons and to ensure that their struggles do not go unnoticed.

The social media firearm influencer committed suicide on September 10th. He was fighting post traumatic stress from the war for a long time. The Army Ranger served four tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

His lovely wife Casey Currey announced it on social media. She shared memories and saying that her wonderful husband’s time in Iraq troubled Army ranger Neal Currey for a long time.



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