The Mysterious Demise of Leo Rex: A Deep Dive into the Reddit Discussions

The online world recently was rocked by the unexpected death of popular YouTuber and Reddit personality, known by his pseudonyms Leo Rex and Leo Longevity. This article aims to explore the circumstances surrounding his demise, as discussed on Reddit, and to shed light on who Leo was as a person and an influencer.

So, let’s delve into the question how did Leo and Longevity die reddit discussion.

The Man Behind Leo and Longevity

Born on July 11, 1990, as Rex Tso in Los Angeles, California, the man who would later be known as Leo Rex was a multi-faceted personality. At the tender age of 18, he began his journey into stand-up comedy, quickly establishing himself as a promising comedian. However, it was his Leo and Longevity YouTube channel, which catapulted him to fame.

With over 200,000 subscribers, Leo offered his unique perspective on men’s health, focusing on bodybuilding techniques and nicotine usage. His unconventional advice on mental and physical health improvement attracted over 130,000 subscribers to his channel.

Leo’s Reddit Presence

Leo’s fame extended beyond YouTube and found a vibrant community on Reddit. He was a popular figure in numerous subreddits related to bodybuilding, fitness, and nootropics. His controversial videos on steroid usage and lifestyle choices, however, weren’t without criticism and sparked several heated discussions on the platform.

The Unforeseen End of Leo Longevity

On January 30, 2023, Leo’s lifeless body was found in his apartment in Pattaya, Thailand. His friend, Charles Anthony Hughes, discovered him after failed attempts to contact the YouTuber. The initial police reports stated that Leo had been dead for around five hours before being found, with blood spots on his mouth, nose, and hands.

The Mystery Surrounding the Death

The investigation into Leo’s death has been fraught with speculation and controversy. Initial reports from Thai authorities suggested suicide as the cause of death, stating that Leo was found with a string tied around his neck. However, many of his followers and Reddit community members were skeptical of this explanation, leading to numerous speculations and Reddit discussions about how did Leo and Longevity die.

Some Reddit users proposed a theory of murder, suggesting that Leo’s controversial lifestyle might have made him a target. Others speculated an overdose of performance-enhancing drugs or nootropics as the cause of death. However, the exact cause remains uncertain despite rigorous investigations by Thai and American authorities.

Fitness YouTuber Leo and Longevity was found dead in his Thailand apartment on Wednesday.
A preliminary autopsy has been completed (results not revealed) and Thailand police have not ruled out foul play.

— Lifter News Network (@lifternewsnet) February 7, 2023

Reddit’s Response to Leo’s Death

Following Leo’s death, the Reddit community exploded with discussions about the circumstances surrounding his demise. Threads were dedicated to sharing memories, expressing condolences, and speculating about the cause of death. The subreddit r/moreplatesmoredates became a hotbed of debate, with some users suggesting that Leo was senselessly murdered.

FBI Involvement and Murder Allegations

The investigations took a serious turn when Leo’s wife, Lucie, posted on Reddit that he was murdered and that the FBI was now involved in the case. This announcement added fuel to the speculations on Reddit about how did Leo and Longevity die, with many users expressing their shock and sorrow.

Remembering Leo Rex

At the time of his death, Leo was 34 years old and had made a significant impact in the fields of fitness and bodybuilding. Despite his controversial lifestyle, he had a devoted fanbase who paid tributes to him on various social media platforms, including Reddit and Instagram.


The untimely and mysterious death of Leo Rex, also known as Leo Longevity, has left the internet community in shock and grief. As discussions continue on Reddit about how did Leo and Longevity die, it’s clear that his life and death will continue to intrigue and spark debates in the digital world. As we await more clarity on the circumstances surrounding his death, we remember Leo for his contributions to the community and his unique voice that will be deeply missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who was Leo Longevity?
Ans: Leo Longevity, also known as Leo Rex, was a popular YouTuber and personality on Reddit, known for his videos on men’s health and bodybuilding.

Q2: What was Leo Longevity’s age at the time of his death?
Ans: Leo Longevity was 34 years old when he passed away.

Q3: What was the cause of Leo Longevity’s death?
Ans: The exact cause of Leo Longevity’s death remains uncertain despite intensive investigations by Thai and American authorities.



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