Cody Longo’s Cause of Death – How Did Days of Our Lives Star Died?

Cody Longo, a renowned actor and musician known for his roles in Hollywood Heights and Days of Our Lives, passed away at the age of 34. The question on everyone’s mind has been, how did Cody Longo die? According to multiple sources, the cause of Longo’s untimely death has been revealed as chronic alcohol abuse, as per an autopsy report. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the tragic circumstances surrounding Longo’s death.

Autopsy Report Findings

Longo’s autopsy report, obtained by TMZ, revealed the cause of death as chronic ethanol abuse, a term commonly used to refer to alcohol abuse. The report classified the actor’s death as natural but noted the presence of alcohol bottles at the scene. His death took place in Austin, Texas, where he was found by authorities in his bed. The officers confirmed that the circumstances surrounding Longo’s death were not suspicious.

Cody Longo: The Man Behind the Actor

Longo, also known as Cody Anthony, started his acting career on stage before moving to TV and film. His debut in movies included roles in Hip Hop Kidz: It’s a Beautiful Thing and Ball Don’t Lie. He also appeared in series such as Medium, Make It or Break It, Brothers & Sisters, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

However, he was most recognized for his role as Nicholas Alamain on the NBC and Peacock soap opera Days of Our Lives and Eddie Duran on Nick at Nite’s Hollywood Heights. In addition to acting, Longo was also a talented musician who released his debut single “Atmosphere” in 2012.

The Personal Life of Cody Longo

Longo left behind his wife, Stephanie Longo and three children. In a statement released after his death, Stephanie shared the family’s devastation. She described Longo as their “whole world,” and the best father their children could have had.

Stephanie Longo later expressed her grief and range of emotions in a heartfelt social media post. She recounted their happy memories, mourned the life they could have had together, and lamented how a part of her died with Longo. She also acknowledged his fight against his afflictions and expressed her belief that he was now at peace.

Longo’s Struggles with Alcoholism

According to American actor Cody Longo’s representative, Alex Gittelson, the actor had been struggling with alcohol addiction for years. Despite his battles, Longo had also experienced periods of sobriety.

Chronic alcohol abuse, as was reportedly the cause in Longo’s case, is a serious condition that can lead to a myriad of health issues, including liver disease, heart problems, and an increased risk of accidents and suicide.

Longo’s Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Despite his personal struggles, Days of Our Lives actor Cody Longo made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. His role as Nicholas Alamain on Days of Our Lives, although short-lived with just eight episodes in 2011, left an indelible mark. He also earned accolades for his performance as Eddie Duran in Hollywood Heights.

In addition to acting, Longo was also passionate about music. He released his first single, “Falling Into You,” in 2012, and continued to produce music throughout his career, including songs like “She Said,” “Atmosphere,” “Wonder,” and “Electric.”

Cody Longo’s Lasting Legacy

Despite his untimely death, Cody Longo’s legacy lives on through his work and the lives he touched. His journey, filled with both achievements and struggles, serves as a reminder of the reality of addiction and the importance of mental health.

In the wake of Longo’s death, it’s crucial to remember the person behind the actor. Beyond his roles in Days of Our Lives and Hollywood Heights, Longo was a loving father, committed husband, talented musician, and a person who battled addiction. His story underscores the importance of recognizing the signs of addiction and seeking help.

As we continue to ask how did Cody Longo die, let’s also remember how he lived. Let’s remember Cody Longo for the joy he brought to his family, the characters he brought to life, and the music he shared with the world.



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