How did Brandon Die in The Chi? The Mystery Resolved!

The American drama series, ‘The Chi’, has been lauded for its authentic portrayal of the South Side of Chicago. The show takes a deep-dive into the lives of its characters, unearthing the challenges they face within their complex environment. One of the most heart-wrenching moments in the series is the death of a crucial character, Brandon Johnson. This article will thoroughly explore Brandon’s tragic demise and its profound implications within the narrative of ‘The Chi’.

So, how did Brandon die in The Chi?

Introducing Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson, brought to life by actor Jason Mitchell, is initially presented as an ambitious young man with dreams of culinary success. Despite the adversities he faces, including familial conflicts, financial strains, and the perpetual threat of violence, Brandon remains steadfast in his pursuit of a better life.

Other cast members of the show include Michael Epps, Alex R Hibbert, Jacob Latimore, Yolonda Ross, and Shamon Brown Jr.

Brandon’s Last Episode: “A Leg Up”

Brandon’s life takes a tragic turn in the episode titled “A Leg Up”. The episode opens with Brandon receiving a promising job offer at a high-end restaurant. Unfortunately, this joy is short-lived as he discovers that his girlfriend, Jerrika, has been unfaithful. This revelation leaves Brandon in a state of emotional turmoil, prompting him to question his relationships and self-worth.

The Dire Consequences of Brandon’s Choices

The choices Brandon makes in “A Leg Up” lead him down a path of destruction. Brandon finds himself embroiled in a dangerous scheme masterminded by a gang member named Reg. The plan, which involves stealing a precious item from a rival gang, goes awry, resulting in a violent altercation. Amid the chaos, Brandon is shot, marking a devastating end to a well-loved character.

The Impact of Brandon’s Death on ‘The Chi’s’ Narrative

Brandon’s death has a significant influence on the narrative trajectory of ‘The Chi’. His untimely departure serves as a catalyst for a myriad of storylines and character arcs, showcasing the widespread effects of community violence. The aftermath of his death highlights the grim realities of life in marginalized neighborhoods, emphasizing the cyclical nature of violence and the daily struggle for survival.

Emotional Repercussions on the Audience

‘The Chi’ has amassed a loyal fanbase due to its ability to evoke genuine emotions. Brandon’s death left audiences in shock, with many mourning the loss of a character they had resonated with. The emotional impact of his demise is a testament to the exceptional storytelling and the cast’s stellar performances. It also sparks critical discussions around the challenges faced by individuals residing in underserved communities, bringing to light systemic issues contributing to violence and limited opportunities.

A Closer Look at Jason Mitchell’s Departure

The character Brandon Johnson was written out of ‘The Chi’ following accusations of sexual misconduct against actor Jason Mitchell. Mitchell was dismissed from the show in May 2019, after allegations of harassment by co-star Tiffany Boone became public. Boone, who portrayed Jerrika, Brandon’s on-screen girlfriend, reported that Mitchell’s behavior had become so intolerable that her fiancé was required to accompany her on set. Following these incidents, Mitchell was also dropped by his agent and lost a lead role in the Netflix film, ‘Desperado’.

Addressing the Controversy: Mitchell’s Response

In the wake of the allegations, Mitchell appeared on The Breakfast Club, where he denied any wrongdoing. He maintained his innocence and argued that he had not acted inappropriately. Despite his insistence, the allegations led to significant changes in the narrative of ‘The Chi’, notably the death of his character, Brandon Johnson.

Fans React to Brandon’s Death

The manner in which ‘The Chi’ addressed Brandon’s death elicited mixed reactions from fans. Some viewers expressed disappointment over the lack of clarity regarding Brandon’s demise, arguing that the show could have provided a more detailed explanation for the departure of such a central character. Others, however, felt that the ambiguity surrounding his death was fitting, underscoring the harsh reality of countless unsolved murders in marginalized communities.

Brandon’s Legacy: A Call to Action

The death of Brandon Johnson is more than just a plot point in ‘The Chi’; it’s a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by individuals living in marginalized communities. By shedding light on these systemic issues, ‘The Chi’ encourages viewers to engage in critical conversations and advocate for societal change.

Showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis hopes fans will continue to watch the show.


The episode “A Leg Up” marks a significant turning point in ‘The Chi’, with the death of Brandon Johnson leaving a lasting impact on both the narrative and viewers. Through Brandon’s tragic end, the show underscores the harsh realities of life in marginalized communities and the devastating effects of violence. As ‘The Chi’ continues to unfold, it’s clear that Brandon’s legacy will continue to resonate, prompting important dialogues about social issues and the pressing need for change.

Now that you know how did Brandon die in the Chi, hopefully you will continue watching the show despite the death of fan favorite character.



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