Health Tips for New Pet Owners: How to Keep Your Furry Friend in Excellent Shape

Keeping your pet healthy is your primary responsibility. A healthy pet is a happy pet. It is the most important thing, especially for smaller pets like rodents or birds. For them, health is happiness. More intelligent pets, like dogs or cats, do need social connections to be happy, but even with those connections, their happiness will mean nothing if they aren’t healthy.

Experienced pet owners will know the ins and outs of their animal’s health, and in many ways, it is as easy and knowing what your pet’s baseline is, and taking note when something changes. The rundown of examples in this guide will help you understand how to keep your pet healthy, and when to seek out a vet, in many different scenarios:

Changes to Digestion

One of the biggest signs that something is wrong is if your pet stops eating. Though this is one serious symptom, it isn’t the only issue that you should be on the lookout for. Even something that seems as inane as a fart can be a sign of something seriously wrong. If there is a very bad smell, or if it is frequent, this could be a sign of many different intestinal diseases. You can learn more about what to look for with these digestive issues in Gassy Dog: Dietary Issue or a Sign of a Problem? | Diamond Pet Foods.

Changes of smell to their excrement is a big sign that there is something wrong. Either there is an issue with the food that they eat, and something needs to be adjusted, or there it is a sign of a serious issue. If, after changing food to a highly digestible option, nothing changes, bring your pet into the vet to get the issue checked out.

Changes to Behavior

Behavior is also a key sign when something is wrong. While being lethargic and sleeping often is a serious issue, if your dog seems to be acting out, the issue can often be easily rectified. Rather than punishing your dog, work them out. Take them on a hike or find a dog park that will allow your furry friend to run till their heart’s content—first work to improve their level of exercise, and then address any additional areas of misbehavior.

Changes to Coat

Their coat is also an indicator of their health. Most coats are shiny and soft, except for certain kinds of breeds. Know what a healthy coat looks like in your dog or cat and take notice when there is a noticeable difference. This might be a matter of improving their grooming regimen, but their diet and health also play a role.

Stay on Top of Check-Ups

Taking notice and addressing issues as they come is a working solution, but to keep your pet healthy, you will need to be strict with a few health-related tasks. Flea medicine must be administered regularly, for example. The same goes for check-ups. These preventative actions can help keep your pet healthy before an issue occurs. These preventative actions can help keep your pet healthy before issues occur. Pet Insurance provides you with peace of mind knowing you are prepared for your pet’s unexpected expenses. Check out Bivvy Pet Insurance, which is affordable and has terms and services convenient for you to use.



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