Gary Owens Kids: Insights into the Comedian’s Family Life

Gary Owen is a comedian and actor known for his work in stand-up comedy and film, with credits in movies like “Think Like a Man.” Amid a vibrant professional life, Gary’s personal life has also captured public attention, particularly his role as a father. He has three children: a stepson named Emilio, whom he shares with his former wife Kenya Duke, and two biological children with Duke—Austin and Kennedy Owen. How much do we know of Gary Owens kids?

The dynamics of Gary’s family life have seen changes, particularly highlighted by his public divorce from Kenya Duke. The couple’s separation after nearly two decades of marriage has been the subject of much media speculation, especially regarding the impact on their children. Despite challenges, Gary’s fatherhood has been characterized by public expressions of love and pride for his children, each of whom are carving their own paths in life.

Emilio, the eldest, is Duke’s son from a previous relationship, and Gary has played a significant role in his upbringing. Austin, on the verge of his twenties, and Kennedy, not far behind in age, have grown up in the limelight shared by their father’s career. The split between their parents has been a pivotal moment for the family, underscoring the complexities of personal relationships within the public eye.

Biographical Background

Gary Owen’s journey from a young man in Ohio to a notable figure in entertainment encompasses a life of service, comedy, and dedication to his craft. His personal narrative is as compelling as his on-stage performances, reflecting a man who has balanced family life with the demands of a career in the spotlight.

Early Life and Education

Gary Owen was born on July 26, 1974, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He completed his high school education and subsequently enrolled at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. Owen’s upbringing in Ohio set the foundation for his relatable comedic style, which resonates with diverse audiences.

Military Service

After his initial education, Owen enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving for six years. During his tenure, he was stationed in the Presidential Honor Guard and took his first comedic steps by embracing the title of ‘Funniest Serviceman in America’.

Rise to Fame

His military service was a launching pad for his comedy career. Owen gained national attention as a stand-up comedian on the BET show “Comic View”. His sharp wit and seamless delivery won over fans and propelled him to become a well-known name in comedy.

Acting Career

Transitioning from stand-up to the screen, Owen’s acting credits include notable films such as “Think Like a Man,” “Ride Along,” “Daddy Day Care,” “Little Man,” and “Meet the Blacks.” He also starred in his own reality show, “The Gary Owen Show,” which gave audiences a view into his personal life and family dynamics.

Personal Achievements

Gary Owen has seamlessly woven his personal experiences into his career, earning the love of fans for his authenticity. Notable among his personal achievements is raising a family while building a successful career, reflecting his ability to balance life and work.

Social Media Presence

Owen’s connection to his fans extends to social media, where he actively engages his audience through platforms like Instagram. He regularly shares glimpses of his personal life and insights into his comedic world, endearing him to a broad fan base.

Family Dynamics

The family dynamics surrounding comedian Gary Owen are marked by a multicultural household, public spotlight on personal affairs, and shifting relations through marriage, children, and divorce.

Marriage to Kenya Duke

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke were married, forming a blended family inclusive of Duke’s son from a previous relationship. Their union was a notable aspect of Owen’s public persona, celebrating a multicultural family dynamic.


The couple shares three children:

  • Emilio Owen (stepson): Born January 18, 1991, to Kenya Duke and Emilio Toliver Sr
  • Austin Owen: Gary and Kenya’s biological son
  • Kennedy Owen: Their only daughter

Divorce Proceedings

In March 2021, it became public knowledge that Kenya Duke had filed for divorce, marking the end of an 18-year marriage. The fallout was widely discussed, with the comedian’s family life becoming a topic of media scrutiny.

Post-Divorce Relations

As of the last public updates, Gary Owen was reportedly estranged from his adult children, with no communication between them for a period. Owen’s relationship with his family has undoubtedly been influenced by the separation.

Extended Family and Relationships

Gary Owen’s stepson, Emilio, has a biological father, Emilio Toliver Sr., contributing to the extended family structure. The dynamics post-divorce suggest the potential for new relationships and family configurations as each member navigates the next chapters of their lives independently.

Professional Life

Gary Owen has established a varied professional life that spans multiple fields in entertainment and business. He is recognized for his comedic talent and has expanded his influence into film, television, podcasting, and entrepreneurship.

Comedic Influence

Gary Owen first gained prominence through his stand-up comedy. His work on the stand-up circuit notably includes a breakthrough on Comic View on BET, where his humor earned him the title of “Funniest Serviceman in America.” His comedy often addresses interracial relationships and the idiosyncrasies of race, positioning him as a favorite among diverse audiences.


Owen transitioned from comedy to acting with a natural ease. His filmography includes roles in successful films such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along, and Daddy Day Care. He also appeared in films such as Little Man and Meet the Blacks, showcasing his range as an actor in both comedic and ensemble casts.

Television Appearances

On television, Owen anchored The Gary Owen Show, which aired on BET and highlighted his life as a husband and father in a reality TV format. He has appeared on popular talk shows like The Breakfast Club and the Wendy Williams Show, sharing his comedic insights and personal anecdotes.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Apart from his entertainment career, Owen is also an entrepreneur. His wife, Kenya Duke, is the proprietor of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company. While the search results do not directly document his entrepreneurial endeavors, the business acumen within his family showcases a breadth of expertise.

Public Reputation

Gary Owen enjoys a strong rapport with his fans through his active social media presence. His ability to engage with his audience through humor has solidified his public reputation as a relatable and entertaining figure. He frequently shares snippets of his life and interacts with his fans, which builds a sense of community.

Podcasting Work

Expanding into podcasting, Owen offers his fans another platform to enjoy his humor and commentary. He delivers candid discussions on topics ranging from current events to personal experiences in the industry. This venture into podcasting reflects the modern trajectory of many comedians looking to diversify their reach and connect with audiences on a more intimate level.



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