Four Ideas for Creating A Unique Office in Your Home

With more people than ever working from home in the last year, search volumes for home office ideas have naturally increased exponentially. Not to mention, surveys have found that a large majority of people want to continue working from home in some capacity once the pandemic is behind us.

If you are someone who has found their ideal home office, then you are one step ahead of some people already. However, there may well be some people reading this who have started a new job recently, of which, they will be working from home entirely, and they may be searching for some ideas for creating a home office.

If you are someone who is in this particular situation, then you are in luck! We have compiled a helpful to read list below detailing ideas for creating a unique office space in your home. Whether you are someone on a budget or are looking to splurge a little bit on this part of your home that you will be spending a lot of your time in, we have just the suggestion for you. Read on for some inspiration!

  1. Changing the Layout of a Room to Accommodate for an Office Space: The first and most obvious suggestion here, and one which we are confident many reading this and beyond have either already done, or at least, already considered when creating an office space in their homes. While that may be the case for some people, we thought we would start off with something like this before launching into the other unique ideas that make up this list. Changing or adapting the existing layout of a room to accommodate for an office space is an ideal way of making sure that you have somewhere suitable to go about your day-to-day role. Whether you create a corner of your bedroom, specifically for working or choose to adapt your living room layout to make your office, the choice is entirely up to you. There are things that you can do and items of furniture that you can buy to make this process a lot easier, including room separators; this particular product allows you to distinguish your workspace from the rest of your home, which is incredibly important when working from home, and for preventing feelings of burnout. However, if you are one of the lucky people reading this who have a spare room in your home, this would be an ideal place to create your home office. Which we will be discussing a bit more in the following point.
  2. Turning a Spare Room into an Office: Another common way of creating an office space in your home, but one that is also worth a mention in this piece. For those who can do this particular suggestion, we are incredibly jealous! Having a spare room in the home is always helpful, both for use as extra storage and for times like these. With that being the case, you have much more freedom on how you transform this room and turn it into an office, more freedom than you would have when adapting an existing room and its layout. When creating a unique office space in a spare room, you have ample choice on the colour scheme that you are going to use, what furniture you would like, as well as any decorative pieces that would be dotted around. Lighting is also crucial when creating a comfortable space for working but does not get as much attention as that of the décor. Having comfortable background lighting while working can ease the intensity of your computer screen on your eyes and reduce the number of headaches that you may be getting as a result of using the computer frequently. Not to mention, you will have cosy background lighting while on the numerous zoom calls throughout the day! If you are someone who would prefer a separate room for their office space but do not have the liberty of a spare room in your home, then you might have your interests piqued by our following suggestion.
  3. Garden Offices: Again, if you are someone who is lucky enough to have a garden, then we are jealous! Having a garden during lockdown is sure to have been of some saving grace when wanting some fresh air and for promoting healthy mental well-being by getting a slight change of scenery. With that in mind, this is also an ideal place for creating your home office. This might seem a bit odd but hear us out! While many people have outdoor buildings and sheds for extra storage facilities or have even turned them into a social space, there are also buildings available specifically to be used as a garden office. If you ask us, this is somewhat appealing for numerous reasons. You will have a distinguishable space solely for working and can still have a separate work and home life, you can be as loud or as quiet as you want without risk of disturbing anyone else, and you can marvel at the beauty of nature while taking a break from your schedule. Companies like Shedstore offer home workers like yourself a new range of garden offices on a regular basis, which can suit a variety of budgets and spaces. We are confident that you will find your new home office on their website!
  4. Creating a Space to Hide Your Workstation: This is a rather broad suggestion when designing an office in your home and can incorporate a variety of things. As mentioned previously, some people opt for a room dividing screen to cover their workstation when they are not there and when it is not in use. While we can recognise that this is one effective way of having a workstation in your home, which you can hide, it is not the sole one. Through the increased numbers of people working from home during the pandemic, we have witnessed a wide variety of unique home offices cropping up on the internet. From those that allow workers to sit or stand throughout the day to those that are more mobile, there have been various, yet inspirational workspaces created worldwide. With that in mind, there have been some people using unused or repurposed wardrobes and cupboards as a way of hiding their workstation when not using this. Suppose you have a cupboard under the stairs of your home. In that case, this does not mean that you are destined for years of misery like Harry Potter, but this does allow you to have a designated workspace that can be easily hidden away, without the need to purchase anything extra. While you may want to personalise the area a little bit with a coat of paint and some decorative pieces, there is little else that you would need to do in this instance. Pretty cool if you ask us! Naturally, if you are incredibly tall, and don’t have a lot of room around you, then this would be less than ideal, but each to their own!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this piece as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! We are confident that whatever option you decide to go with when creating an office space in your home that it will look great. Not to forget that the office space you make will be unique to you; there will be no one else on earth with the same layout as you.



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