Finding an Addiction Rehab Facility in Colorado

Many people love living in an altered state of mind. From alcohol, cannabis, meth, cocaine, the list goes on and on. We would spend all day if we were to list them all. What most people do not know is addiction does not have to be substance abuse. You can be addicted to certain habits such as masturbation or gambling. 

The first step to getting help is realizing you have a problem and actively working towards stopping it. A person who can admit they have an addiction is one step closer to rehabilitation. We remain thankful that modernization has shone a light on this problem. Before, addiction patients had to suffer in silence for fear of condemnation from their friends and family. Visit to learn how rehabilitation works. 

Nowadays there are rehabilitation centers, both government-owned and private institutions whose goal is to see you free of your addiction. With all the health concerns involved, addictions are better handled early. But how do you know if someone has an addiction problem?

How Do I Know If a Loved One Is an Addict?

As we mentioned earlier addiction does not have to be substance abuse, it comes in many forms. But they all have certain red flags they exhibit; with a sharp eye, you can spot it. This is not meant to castigate or judge anyone, but to simply assist friends and family help their loved ones.

They Ignore Risk Factors

As humans, we have a natural guide that tells us right from wrong. We know that fire is dangerous, so we are careful around it. But an addict simply does not care about the repercussions of their actions. 

A nicotine smoker understands his lungs are at risk, in fact, the government reminds them by printing it on every pack. However, such concerns are for people with a clear mind. That is the same way a gambler deep in debt borrows even more money to play another round. He only sees the possibility of winning, getting his fix. 

If you have a friend or family member with a bad habit that is affecting their health and wellbeing but refuses to stop, they are addicts.

Physical Effects

With substance abuse, you can often notice the toll it takes on a person’s physical appearance and behavior. This normally happens at least 4 months into their addiction. You might notice weird behaviors like inability to stay still, lack of speech coordination, loss of weight, bad skin condition. 

They are so many things to look out for. But by keeping a close eye on your friends or family you would be able to spot when they are different. The easiest physical change to spot is loss of weight and bad skin. It heralds a lack of concern in the addict’s physical image, if you have not been concerned, now is the time to be. Click here to find other health conditions that can be caused by substance abuse. 

No Self-Control

It is very sad when a person is unable to stop themselves from doing certain things. An addict has absolutely no self-control, that is why it’s called an addiction. Sometimes after making a conscious decision to quit, you see them fidgeting until they finally relapse and get their fix.

This is not because they want to relapse, it is because they find it physically impossible to control the urge or control themselves. At this point, the brain is dependent on whatever substance they abuse. If it does not get it, only one message is sent to the body “get your fix”. Until this is done you can say goodbye to whatever logical thought process the person ought to have. 

You can often find substance abusers in literal pain when deprived of whatever they use. In fact, in serious addiction cases, the user can die if they are kept away from the substancefor too long.

No Interest in Relationships

The point of substance abuse is an escape from reality. So, it should not be a surprise that an abuser has no interest in relationships with other people; zerointerest in conversations, preference to be alone, and no effort to preserve relationships. These are all signs of someone that is abusing a substance. 

The escape whatever drug being used provides is all they require. Most addicts are homeless and, on the streets, not because they do not have family and friends who care about them. It is because they have pushed those people away and have shown zero interest in preserving those relationships. 

How Can I Find an Addiction Rehab Facility in Colorado Springs?

The fact that you are asking this question means you wish to be helped or are looking to help a loved one, and we applaud that. The following would help you make a good choice:

Patient-Specific Treatment Plan

Every patient is different and should be treated as such. From health and family background, the type of substance being abused and personal behavior; it all differs. Make your research and ensure the rehab center offers a custom treatment plan for you. 

Relaxing Environment

The importance of a quiet and serene environment cannot be overemphasized. A rehabilitation center is a place where a lot of soul searching occurs and the environment should encourage this. Lush open fields, lots of vegetation and shades, extremely quiet; these are things you should look out for in a rehab center. 

Experienced Staff

An experienced staff is 50% of your rehabilitation process. This is because they are in direct contact with you and oversee your welfare. Do not forget it is the staff that would hold therapy sessions where you get to talk about your experience amongst others. A drug rehab in Colorado springs or anywhere else must have highly trained and experienced staff. 

Vast Insurance Network

Unless you are made from dollar bills, you would most likely be paying with your insurance. With so many insurance providers out there, you need a rehab center that accepts a wide variety of them. It can also help if you go to their website and specifically check if your insurance is accepted.

Final Thoughts

Finding an addiction rehabcenter in Colorado Springs should not be so difficult after reading this article. Just focus on the key things to look for and you are one step closer to being free. We believe in you!



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