Eric Cole Golf Parents: Unveiling the Support Behind the Rising Star

Eric Cole, an American professional golfer currently playing on the PGA Tour, has garnered attention not only for his own accomplishments in the sport but also for his impressive golfing lineage. Born on June 12, 1988, in Delray Beach, Florida, Cole’s introduction to the world of golf was destined from the start, as the son of two renowned golf legends, Laura Baugh and Bobby Cole. Both of his parents have enjoyed successful careers in professional golf, paving the way for their son to make his mark in the sport.

Laura Baugh, Eric’s mother, is an American professional golfer who spent over 25 years competing on the LPGA Tour. She has been a prominent figure in women’s golf and greatly contributed to the sport. On the other hand, Bobby Cole, Eric’s father, is a talented South African professional golfer with over 13 professional victories under his belt. As a powerful force in the golfing community, the couple passed on their passion, skill, and knowledge to their son, Eric Cole.

Growing up in a family with a rich history in golf has undoubtedly influenced Eric’s career trajectory. Now, as he competes on the PGA Tour, his parents’ legacy continues to inspire him and attract attention from avid golf enthusiasts. As Eric strives to secure his first tour victory, his strong family background remains a significant factor in his journey to success.

Eric Cole, the Promising Golf Prodigy

Eric Cole, an up-and-coming professional golfer, has been making notable strides on the PGA Tour. He was born in 1988 into a family of renowned golfers, with both of his parents, Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh, having successful careers in professional golf. This strong golf pedigree laid the foundation for Eric’s passion for the sport from a young age. He took up golf seriously at the age of 11 and started his professional journey in 2009.

Eric’s immersion in golf began with his parents’ influence. His father, Bobby Cole, enjoyed a successful career as a professional golfer, while his mother Laura Baugh, not only played professional golf for the LPGA Tour but also succeeded in her career as a writer and golf commentator. Eric’s success can in part be attributed to the wisdom his parents imparted to him, both from their combined experience and their dedicated support throughout his golfing development.

Eric’s skills on the green have continuously improved over the years. He achieved a notable milestone by winning the 54th Minor League Golf Tour in late 2021. His confidence and drive to keep refining his craft show great promise for his future on the PGA Tour.

Apart from his family connections, Eric has also been inspired by legendary golfers such as Arnold Palmer. Emulating the tenacity, dedication, and skill exhibited by such icons has undoubtedly contributed to Eric’s growth as a promising prodigy on the international golf scene.

With a solid foundation established by his Eric Cole golf parents’ legacy, the guidance of golf legends, and his unfaltering commitment to the sport, Eric Cole is undoubtedly on the right path to make a lasting impact on the world of professional golf.

Early Life and Family Influence

Eric Cole, born on June 12, 1988, is an American professional golfer hailing from an athletic family with deep roots in the sport. His parents, Laura Baugh and Bobby Cole, have significantly influenced Eric’s golfing journey by sharing their rich experiences and expertise.

Laura Baugh, Eric’s mother, was born in Gainesville, Florida, in May 1955. As the daughter of Olympian Hale Baugh, who was a pentathlete at the 1948 Summer Olympics, Laura grew up learning golf from her father. Hale was also an accomplished amateur golfer, which allowed a young Laura to hone her skills while playing at the Cocoa Rockledge Country Club alongside her two brothers. Her illustrious amateur career includes winning the National PeeWee Golf Championship five times. Later, Laura went on to play on the LPGA Tour, leaving her mark on professional women’s golf.

Bobby Cole, Eric’s father, was born in South Africa and had a successful career as a professional golfer. His most notable achievement on the course was a runner-up finish at the 1974 PGA Championship. Bobby’s skillful play allowed him to compete in various other prestigious golf tournaments, earning him a favorable reputation in the golf community.

With both parents being professional golfers, it was only natural for Eric Cole to inherit their passion and aptitude for golf. Growing up in Palm Springs, California, Eric was exposed to the sport at a young age and began his professional career in 2009. Throughout his journey, the indelible influence of his parents, paired with their support, has helped propel Eric towards reaching greater heights in the golfing world.

Aside from his famous golfing family members, Eric also has a sister, Linda Parker, who showcased her athletic prowess by playing collegiate tennis. The athletic inclinations of Eric and his siblings can undoubtedly be attributed to the nurturing environment created by Laura and Bobby, demonstrating the significance of family influence in shaping sporting careers.

Golfing Beginnings and Amateur Career

Eric Cole was born into a family of accomplished golfers, with parents Laura Baugh and Bobby Cole both holding successful professional golf careers. This early exposure to the sport laid a strong foundation for his future in golf.

As an amateur golfer, Eric Cole began making a name for himself by participating in various prestigious tournaments. He demonstrated his prowess at an early age, winning the National Peewee Golf Championship and the Junior World Championship. These impressive achievements provided valuable experience and prepared him for further success in the sport.

Eric Cole continued to develop his skills while attending Nova Southeastern University, where he played collegiate golf. It was during this time that he gained more recognition, building a solid foundation for his transition to professional golf.

Cole’s mother, Laura Baugh, has an impressive history in golf herself, having won the 1971 U.S. Women’s Amateur at the age of 16. This victory propelled her into a successful career in the LPGA Tour during the 70s and 80s. Cole’s successes as an amateur golfer certainly echo his mother’s accomplishments, highlighting the family’s strong roots in the sport.

In conclusion, Eric Cole’s golfing beginnings and amateur career are rooted in his family’s love for the sport and the experiences he gained from participating in renowned tournaments. As he transitioned to the professional level, these early accomplishments helped set the stage for his future success in the world of golf.

Professional Career and Successes

Eric Cole, the son of professional golfers Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh, embarked on his own journey in the world of professional golf. Following in the footsteps of his accomplished parents, Eric has gradually climbed the ranks and proven himself as a talented PGA Tour player.

After developing his skills during his early life and amateur career, Eric chose to play in the Korn Ferry Tour, a stepping stone for many aspiring professional golfers. Here, he successfully built his reputation and consistently displayed strong performances, positioning himself at the top of leaderboards. Throughout his time on the Korn Ferry Tour, Eric earned several Top-10 finishes, showcasing his potential to compete with the best.

Aside from his success on the Korn Ferry Tour, Eric has also made a name for himself on the Minor League Golf Tour. As a skilled golfer in this highly competitive circuit, he has amassed considerable earnings through consistently solid performances. His notable accomplishments on this tour have helped establish him as a capable player, worthy of attention from fans and critics alike.

As a rookie in the PGA Tour, Eric has been compared by many to his father, Bobby Cole, a PGA Tour winner, and his mother, Laura Baugh, the 1973 LPGA Rookie of the Year. Cole’s promising performances have qualified him for significant prize money, allowing him to support his ongoing professional aspirations. His Rookie of the Year campaign has similarly garnered widespread recognition and admiration for his golfing prowess.

Eric Cole’s journey as a professional golfer has undoubtedly been shaped by the influence and legacy of his parents. Today, he continues to demonstrate the talent and dedication necessary to forge a successful career in the world of professional golf, achieving noteworthy feats along the way.

Major Championships and Accolades

Eric Cole grew up surrounded by golf, with both of his parents, Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh, being established professional golfers. This section briefly explores the milestones and achievements of his parent’s careers and how they influenced Eric’s path.

Bobby Cole had a successful career as a golfer, making his mark internationally. In 1966, he became the youngest winner of the British Amateur championship at the age of 18. He went on to play in various major championships, including the U.S. Open, Open Championship, and Masters Tournament. His most significant achievement came in 1977, when he won the Buick Open on the PGA TOUR.

Laura Baugh, Eric’s mother, was also accomplished in the golfing world. She gained recognition during her amateur career, most notably winning the U.S. Women’s Amateur in 1971 at the age of 16. She turned professional the following year and continued to participate in major events. Although she didn’t manage to secure any LPGA Tour victories, she played consistently, racking up numerous top-10 finishes in her career.

Eric Cole’s exposure to elite golf early in life established a strong foundation for his own career. He has been making a name for himself in the golfing world, participating in tournaments such as the Honda Classic. As of November 2023, Eric had earned his 54th career Minor League Golf Tour win in December 2021, proving that he is following in the competitive footsteps of his parents.

Cole’s Signature Golf Gameplay

Eric Cole, the son of two professional golfers, has carved a niche for himself in the golfing world with his exceptional gameplay and skillset. He demonstrates a unique talent for scoring birdies, which stands out as a critical element of his golfing prowess. By maintaining a steady approach and showing consistency on the green, Cole has earned recognition and admiration from both his peers and avid golf fans.

In terms of game management, Cole’s expertise allows him to strategically tackle courses and better position himself for success. His ability to accurately gauge distances and anticipate shots is a testament to his dedication to the sport and the wisdom passed down from his professional golfer parents, Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh. This talent for assessing similar distances translates into more accurate shots and fewer mistakes on the course.

Eric Cole has also benefited from the guidance of a swing coach who assists him in refining his technique and improving his overall gameplay. Through regular practice, Cole ensures that his swing remains smooth, powerful, and precise. By incorporating the best practices and advice from his swing coach, he has further developed his golf skills and progressed up the ranks of the PGA Tour.

In conclusion, Eric Cole’s signature golf gameplay showcases a combination of exceptional birdie-making ability, strategic game management, expertise in estimating similar distances, and the invaluable support of his swing coach. As the son of two professional golfers, he has inherited a strong foundation in the sport and continues to build upon it, growing into a formidable force on the PGA Tour.

Off-the-Course Life

Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh, the parents of aspiring golfer Eric Cole, are both well-recognized professional golfers in their respective times. Not only did they pass on their immense talent in golf to their son, but their off-the-course lives also gained considerable attention over the years.

Laura Baugh, born in Gainesville, Florida, was introduced to golf by her father, Olympic athlete Hale Baugh. She rose to the spotlight in 1971 when she won the U.S. Women’s Amateur title. Apart from her successful golf career, she also worked as a television announcer, showcasing her knowledge and passion for the sport.

Her personal life caught the public eye when she divorced Eric’s father, Bobby Cole, a PGA Tour winner. However, they both remarried and continued pursuing their golf careers. Laura found support and stability in her newfound faith and wrote a book called “Out of the Rough,” which documents her journey through golf, addiction, and personal struggles. Published in 1999, the book earned her acclaim as a published writer.

Bobby Cole, who hails from South Africa, made a name for himself by winning the 1977 Buick Open and participating in various international tours during his professional golf career. Although his personal life had its share of challenges, he remains an inspiration to his son, Eric Cole, alongside his ex-wife, Laura Baugh.

As Eric Cole continues to make a name for himself in the professional golf scene, the influence and legacy of his parents, both on and off the course, are undeniably prominent factors in his development and success.



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