Dreams About Bears – What Is The Dream’s Meaning and Interpretation?

Bears are highly intelligent creatures. They form hierarchies within their society and share resources sometimes. We know they prefer solitude, but they are also social creatures. When you think of dreams about bears, you have to remember they represent some situation in your life.

When you trying to interpret a bear dream, you have to remember the nature of the bear. What do bears stand for? What do they signify for you? For starters, they are wild animals.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common bear dreams and meanings.

Spiritual Meaning of Bear Dreams

There is a saying that if you dream of a big bear, you will get lucky. They say big bears are a sign of good fortune. So, in a way, when you dream of bears, you might try your luck playing the lottery. Let’s talk about dreams about bears in a spiritual way. What is the bear symbol?

The bear symbolism in dreams is all about luck. But you have to look deeper. Each movement and action of the bear has a meaning. Bears are part of shamanic traditions, and that is where their spiritual meaning comes from.

According to biblical meaning, a polar bear is associated with teaching blessings in life. Bears represent the female side of life.

Speaking of a more philosophical standpoint, Sigmund Freud says bears are a representation of a human being with the same traits. Think about a person in your inner circle who has the same traits? Someone aggressive survives in the wild, and can easily get angry. In another culture, like the Asian tradition, bears in dreams show how we love one another.

You also have to pay attention to the color of the bear as well. For example, a brown bear indicates a new start. A white bear, or a polar bear, indicates peace in life.

But going back to shamanism and bear spirit meaning, bears are a strong totem animal. They represent a spirit guide. You might even see bear totems in shamanistic cultures.

Fun fact: in shamanism, seeing a polar bear in your dream represents a woman close to you has become icy and cold. You will have to handle the situation with care.

Common Bear Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Now let’s move to common bear dream interpretation and meanings. What does it signify when you see a wild animal like bear in your dream? What should you do? Well, here are some common meanings right out of a dream book.

You might also see different bears in your dream. For example, grizzly bear, panda bear, white bear, black bear, polar bear, or any other. But the meaning remains the same.

Bear outside your home

This is a common dream. You see a bear roaming outside your home. Because of that, you are afraid to leave. And the explanation is that the dream represents someone from your household. Someone is making your life hard.

Ask yourself, is there someone in your home that is difficult to bear right now?

Peaceful bear in dreams

When you see a bear that is friendly and accommodating, it represents your own personality and traits. The teddy bear is actually the dreamer in this scenario. And she tries to tell you to utilize some aspects of your personality.

For example, you might want to stand up for yourself. Go out and hunt, be a predator. Find your inner strength. Get what you want. Do not wait for others to give it to you.

A peaceful bear is completely different than bears attacking in your dream.

Trying to wake up a bear

We all know the popular advice, do not poke the bear. But instead, in your dream, you are trying to wake up a resting bear.

Do not worry, you will not wake her up. The ream is just an attempt by the dreamer (you) to revive some elements of your own personality. Think of something you have not used for a while in you real life. Is there something neglected in your life? Try to bring it back.

Bear talking to you

Whenever you have a conversation with an animal in the dream, the most important part is to pay attention to what you talk about. This dream is your subconscious mind work and making conversation with your conscious mind.

The bear is trying to tell you what you want to tell yourself in your waking life. So listen to her.

You are the bear

When you dream of becoming a specific animal, it is a sign you trying to change your life. You want to become that animal and utilize its traits in your waking life. So, think why do you want to be a bear? What do bears do that you can use in your life?

Black bear

When it comes to black bear dream meaning, it is generally something negative. In most cases, black bears represent aggression and darkness.

And if you think about it subconsciously, there is something in your real life that is difficult to bear, or someone who is unbearable.

Hunting a bear

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of courage and bravery to hunt a bear. It is not an easy animal to hunt. But the dream has nothing to do with hunting.

Instead, the meaning of this dream is that you are trying to bring something into your life. So, what do you hunt for? A partner? A better job? Or something else?

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Dreaming of an aggressive bear

Bears are aggressive when they are angry. So, this dream is a clear sign you are full of anger in your waking life. What makes you angry?

Think about the problem and try to find a solution. But most importantly, try to stay calm.

Caring for a sick or injured bear

In this dream, you find yourself helping a peaceful bear from a trap and caring for it. It is a sign that someone close to you, and even you, might feel held back. You feel someone in your inner circle needs to roam and hunt.

Someone needs to be freed. Is it you? Or some of your friends?

Dancing bear

If you see a dancing bear in your dream take it as a good sign. The dream relates to your finances. You will be in a very good financial situation in the near future.

Someone might help you financially. Or you might get a raise or win some money.

Hugging a bear

This dream is a symbolism of your personality and traits. You are a friendly person. You have good relationships with other people. And most importantly, you know how to communicate with others, even in a problematic situation.

Owning a bear

Take this teddy bear dream as a warning sign to control your feelings and emotions. The dream meaning is you can easily lose your temper and get angry. But try to stay calm, even in anxious and stressful situations.

It is important to eliminate negative emotions from your waking life.

Bitten by a bear

When you dream of a bear biting you, it is a sign someone is a threat to you. Dream of a bear bite is a warning to pay more attention to people around you. Be careful. You might end up in some kind of danger. Take the bear attack dream as a warning.

Fighting with a bear

Sometimes dreams carry a metaphoric meaning. But sometimes, they are a direct message to what happens in our life. This bear dream, for example, is a clear sign you will have to face your enemy soon. Sadly, it is also a sign your enemy will be stronger.

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Bear running away from you

When you see a bear running away from you, it is a metaphor for how you deal with problems in your life. You do not have the courage to face your challenges and obstacles. Instead of overcoming your problems, you try to escape from them and avoid them.

But that will not work in the long run.

Dead bear in your dream

There are two dream interpretation views about seeing a dead bear in your dream. The first one is that dreaming of a dead bear means you do not have much to worry about anymore. And this is the positive side of the dream.

But on the negative side, dreaming of a dead wild animal like a bear, it means you will lose someone very important to you. That doesn’t mean that person will die. There are many different ways to lose someone close to you.

Bear in a circus

No, you will not go to the circus. This dream is a sign you will meet someone honest soon. He/she might be a quiet person. This person will come into your waking life and attract your attention.

You might start a relationship and live a happy life together. Try not to miss the opportunity.

Bear in your house

We often say women are the rock of the house. Well, when you dream of a bear in your home, it is a sign that some woman has the most important role in your home. This can apply to your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, or any other female figure.

It is the same as a mother bear taking care of her baby bear.



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