Dreaming Of Poop – Common Feces Dreams And Meaning

When you are dreaming of poop, take it as a symbol rife with stress. This stinky thing can often appear in dreams. And we want to help you understand poop in dreams.

Explanations and meanings can differ depending on the situation. For example, do you dream of touching feces? Or you are covered in feces? What is the type of feces you encounter?

Fun fact: sometimes, dreaming of poop means good fortune and money. But you also have to consider your feelings. For example, if you dream of handling poop and feel disgusted by it, it means you have ill feelings toward recent income. You might despise clients or customers that have provided money for you and your business.

Biblical meaning of poop dream

Bowel movements vary from one person to another. And it is hard to understand them, even more in dreams. Speaking of some spiritual meaning, it is all about your mental state.

Are you trying to get rid of something? When we poop, we flush away toxins and other chemicals from our bodies. Are you trying to flush something away from your life?

Common Poop Dreams Meaning

There are many dream interpretations and dream meaning variations for fecal matter dreams. We take a look at the most common poop dream scenarios.

What does it come to mind when you think of poop? Stinky waste, right? Well, despite its disgusting nature, dream of poop has a positive side.

According to Sigmund Freud, who is a renowned dream psychologist, poop dream meaning is connected to unsettled emotions and control of situations.

But this dream of poop can stand for many things. It depends on the situation the person is going through real life.

Whether it is human feces, dog poop, cat poop, bird poop, rabbit poop, or anything else, dreaming of poop is a clear sign of clearing negative emotions in your real life.

Taking a shit in your dream represents feeling of pleasure. It is a sign you feel happy about letting go of a burden.

Stepping on poop

This dream is a good sign. It indicates you will come into luck with your business, projects, and relationships. And it will come in the form of an unexpected contract. For example, in your business, an old client might want to make another order.

Or you might find a new and popular product for selling. Some might view it as picking up opportunities and skills that will improve your income. In any case, you can expect good fortune.

So, if you are stepping on smelling poop in your dream, take it as a good luck sign in your waking life.

Wiping poop off shoes

In your dream, you stepped into feces and now you are trying to wipe animal poop or human poop off your shoes. What does it mean? Well, it is a sign you will make less money. Why? Because you are not willing to deal with the dirty part of your job.

Cleaning pop

When you dream of cleaning poop of people or animal feces, it is a sign you have to work hard to pick up after mistakes made by other people. But you will gain monetary compensation for your cleaning up process.

These common dreams apply to different animal poop, be it dog poop, cat poop, bird poop, rabbit poop, or anything in between.

Holding poop

When you dream of touching poop and handling poop generally, it means you may be doing things that make you feel uncomfortable. For example, your boss might be asking for pointless tasks. But you have to do it to earn money.

Seeing human poop

Fun fact: seeing human poop is a sign of luck and fortune. You will soon hear good news. Or you will experience something positive.

In most cases, seeing human poop is related to finances. So, expect to get a promotion, bonus, an unexpected heritage, reward, or even win the lottery.

Generally speaking, seeing human pop is a sign your work will pay off.

Seeing animal poop

In most cases, seeing poop, animals’ or humans’, means the same thing. You will get some extra money.

However, it can also mean the opposite. For example, if you dream of seeing animal’s feces in your house, it might mean something will go wrong. It depends on how you feel about the dream of poop.

And in a professional way, someone does not want you to succeed. Someone might be constantly trying to prevent you from your success.

Dreaming about the smell of poop

These dreams are unpleasant for sure. But they are not negative. When you dream of smelling feces, it means you will get a hint about a promising business in the near future. And you should take it. This dream will encourage you to continue looking for new opportunities. Do not lose hope.

Some people, however, view this dream as a sign of business opportunity you have doubts about it. For example, something shady and illegal. And if that is the case, you should avoid it.

Where are you pooping?

The location plays a role in your dream as well. Let’s take a look at some explanation of dreaming of human excrement, depending on where you went for business.

Pooping in the toilet

When you poop in the toilet in your dreams, it is a sign you need to let go of negative emotions. They bother you inside, and it is time to let them go. You can now settle the score.

Speaking about the toilet, if you dream of flushing poop, it is a sign you will soon let go of negativity in your life. But you might need to pay money for it.

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Pooping in public

Imagine pooping in front of a crowded audience? For example, a public concert. This is definitely an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience. But your dream is a suggestion you flash your wealth and money to others. And if you poop in a public restroom, it is a sign you want to compare your wealth with others.

If you feel ashamed during the dream, it means you feel unworthy regarding your wealth.

Pooping in pants

When this happens, usually people try to hide the incident. And the same thing happens in your dreams. It is a sign of dirty and disgusting habits in your life. And you want to hide them. But people close to you can still see and smell the problem.

In the world of dreams, anything is possible. You can dream about pooping your pants. And this might make you anxious about your real life. Will you poop in your pants?

We know pooping your pants is embarrassing. But you have to take a look at this particular dream interpretation.

It has nothing to do with pooping your pants in your waking life. It is all about feeling embarrassed about a terrible decision, bad habit, or not achieving something you want.

Pooping in bed

This dream indicates major troubles ahead of you. They might come in your personal, romantic, or business relationships. For example, you might be going through financial problems with your partner.

Poop Related Dreams

Dream about eating feces

When you dream of eating poop, it is a sign people around you envy your success and wealth. Stay strong and do not fall to their provocations. This dream also shows you have the strength to continue on the right track.

Yet, sometimes, the dream can be a sign of you saying something bad to other people. And that put you in a bad position.

Dreams about diarrhea

These dreams can be very unpleasant. But do not take them as a negative thing. Dreaming about diarrhea is a sign you have a dire need to express your frustration.

In dreams, diarrhea is a powerful channel for letting go of all negativity. Simply put, you have to clean yourself from the inside in an emotional way.

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Dreams about constipation

Here is another stool dream. It has a similar meaning to dreams about diarrhea. The only difference is you have a hard time speaking your mind and venting out.

This dream might be a sign you are the type of person who keeps negativity inside for a long period.

Dreams about a messy toilet

Try to remember your dream. Were there disgusting things all around? It is a sign you have really big problems with your intimacy. And someone messes up with it.

This scenario is a dream symbol you cannot keep your intimate life private. People want to know about your life. And dreaming about an overflowing toilet with smelling poop means you have little to no control over your personal life.



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