Choose the Wedding Shoes that Compliment your Day

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and you cannot afford to ruin it because of your negligence or carelessness. Maybe you are occupied in thinking about your jewellery, the guests, friends who are visiting, your dress but what about your shoes? Have you given any thought to your wedding footwear?

Come on you cannot take any risk with your bridal shoes. These shoes are important to stay active, comfortable and in good spirit throughout the ceremony and day. If your footwear isn’t comfortable and friendly; you might end up feeling sad and uprooted.  Moreover, you are not supposed to drag your feet during your wedding. There are some important factors that you need to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

The length of your wedding dress

The first thing you must consider when choosing your wedding shoes is the length of the wedding dress you would be wearing. In this sense, it is sensible to pick your wedding shoes before the dress so that the outfit can be managed accordingly. Ensure you can walk erect and comfortably without tripping on the edge. Similarly, think about beading and elaboration on the shoes – this could catch the bottom of the dress, possibly leading to a problem or tear. Remember, you need not to be tensed about the options because portals like JJ’s House can get you all the options in wedding shoes that you might be looking for.

Skyscraper heels

It is always amazing and glorious when you wear skyscraper heels or platforms while you are out with your gang of girls. But remember you might need to abandon this habit on your wedding day. Don’t forget, you will be wearing these shoes for possibly twelve hours, within which time you would be doing a lot of standing and dancing. You shall need your balance during the vows, mainly if you feel nervous and wobbly, and above all (exactly) you don’t want to look taller than your partner.

Make a statement on your day

It would take a bold and brave bride to go for a colourful or patterned wedding outfit. So, in case you are keeping things conventional with a white, ivory or cream gown but still wish to make a statement somehow, it would be good if you consider choosing a bright coloured pair of wedding shoes. It is also a manner to show off your personality as shade is an individual thing. How about sexy red, emerald green or even royal blue colour that could also double up as your something gorgeous blue. 

Flat wedding shoes

There’s no rule that says a bride should wear heels on her wedding day. True, heels add height and cater you more of a feminine posture, but in case you are having a beach wedding, are blessed with height or you don’t feel cosy wearing high heels, don’t wear them. Rather you must pick some delicate flat sandals having delicate beading, cute ballet pumps having a bead embellishment!) Or some peep-toe slip-ons with a thin ankle strap for a sophisticated look without pain.

Thus, the choices are diverse if you are ready to make that perfect decision for your wedding footwear.



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