Caring for your hair after Keratin treatment


Do you yearn for straight hair? Well, it is not an impossible endeavor by any means and the goal is achievable. The reason is that there are many cosmetic procedures available in the market today that help you acquire those desirable locks.

When you need insight into this, then you need to search Keratin Straightening with Lux Hair. There is no denying the fact that Keratin gives your hair the desired beauty. However, if you want the beauty to last long, then you will need to give adequate care to your hair.

We will give you some essential tips into the care process.

Caring for your hair after Keratin Treatment

Remember to keep your hair dry

When you get your Keratin treatment, then the first tip to remember is that you should not wash your hair on an immediate basis. It is crucial that you keep your hair dry for at least three days. After three days, you may wash your hair.

However, what is crucial is that you need to define haircare regime when opting for Keratin treatment. What is crucial to remember is that you should not be washing your hair frequently after Keratin. The benefit is that the results will last long.

You should also get hold of a good shower cap and you should wear it during bathing. The benefit is that your hair will remain protected from water.

Do not tie up your hair immediately after treatment

Well, this is yet another rule which you must remember. You hair should not develop any dents. After the initial treatment, make sure that you let your hair loose for at least three days.

Opting for a sulphate-free shampoo

Once you get Keratin treatment done, then you cannot go for just any shampoo. If your shampoo has sulphate in it, then it can damage your hair. It is not something which you will want. The best approach will be to choose sulphate free shampoo for your hair.

Go for mild shampoo that does not strip off the treatment from your hair. The best approach will be to research online and figure out the best sulphate-free shampoos available. You can go through their reviews and then you will get the real picture about the best shampoos available.

You will need to invest in safety combs so that you can detangle your hair without a problem. It will also be a smart idea to buy a silk pillow case. The benefit is that your hair will be less prone to friction and will not break down.

You will also need to protect your hair from sweat. The best approach is to blow dry your hair after washing them. If you follow these tips then your Keratin treatment is bound to last long. If you are investing in expensive Keratin treatment, then your hair deserve this pampering by all means for sure.

You are bound to get compliments for your beautiful hair so stick to haircare.



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