Breaking Down Myths about Veneers

If you have gap teeth or have teeth that are cracked, poorly shaped or stained, you can change your smile with veneers. They are fine shells made from either ceramics or porcelain that cover your teeth. Veneers are custom made to look like and blend in with your natural teeth. However, there are some myths regarding dental veneers, and this article will cover some of them.

Dental veneers are noticeable

Dental veneers are not always noticeable. Getting it right requires skill and proficiency with proper knowledge of the science behind the method. Customized veneers when applied by a dentist like Best Dental who has experience in cosmetic dentistry, look natural and fit each patient’s face. Due to the great advancement of technology, modern veneers not only look like your natural teeth, but they also give you a natural feeling.

Veneers are always painful

Fixing or preparing the teeth for dental veneers is not painful today. Most of the procedures in dentistry are not painful anymore. Veneers preparation is a minimally invasive method where there is hardly any layer of a tooth that needs removal. In the case of super sensitive teeth, the procedure starts with using a general anesthetic, so the patient doesn’t feel anything.

Veneers will stain

Veneers themselves do not stain. They are custom glazed non-porous porcelain, so they can’t absorb the stain. However, the cement that binds the veneers in can stain. So, you can pop along to see your dentist and to have the veneers cleaned around the edge where the cement exists. Cleaning may improve its appearance and keep that veneer going a little longer.

Veneers are only for cosmetics reasons

In addition to giving a cosmetic boost, veneers can take you a long way in terms of your restorative needs. Dental veneers can cover or blend severely discolored teeth, cracks or chips on the tooth surface. They are also helpful in improving the bite in the back teeth region or molar region. With dental veneers, an overall improvement of your oral health is possible.

Veneers will ruin your real teeth

Veneers do not ruin your teeth as long as the procedure is done correctly. The technique requires minimal removal of your teeth structure from the front and edge. Most of your original structure will remain intact. Veneers’ preparation needs to stay in the enamel layer to achieve a long-term result. A typical tooth reduction is around 0.3 millimeters to 0.5 millimeters, but it varies depending on tooth structure.

The bottom line

You won’t have to risk your dental health to undergo a dental veneer procedure. If you’re not the perfect fit for the treatment, your dentist will inform you at once. In the past years, dental technology has improved considerably. Because of this, the dental veneer has become less complicated. The treatment requires a healing period that is painless and takes not more than six months.

Dental veneers have acquired a bad reputation over the years. They’ve been regarded as fake-looking, high-maintenance, causing heightened tooth sensitivity and super expensive. But the truth is different today. Veneers have come a long way to provide natural-feeling teeth that work almost as well as your real teeth. With proper care, they can last a long time just like your natural teeth.



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