Are Dedicated Servers Better than Shared Hosting?

There are tons of possibilities when it comes to web hosting, and getting distracted and overwhelmed is natural if you don’t know which type is best suitable for your market. With these options, you might find yourself lost when rising. While shared hosting is ideal for a start or small business, it’s not necessarily you need to start with shared Hosting. Some types of web hosting are designed for individual business needs.

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are two of the most popular web hosting solutions, but which one accommodates your business needs? When do you choose shared hosting, and when is dedicated hosting suitable for your needs? The question is, which is better among the two?

Which is Better: Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

The world of web hosting is broader than you can imagine; whether you want exclusivity for your business use or plan to go for shared hosting, choosing between the two is easy if you know for whom these types of web host are best applied.

A hosting provider must provide upstream services wherever you are. For example, if you are residing as far as the Pacific, to help you find a quality host for Malaysia, you need to check for host providers with servers close to this location or offer CDN. It ensures your website is accessible worldwide. There are specific features every website needs, and whether shared or dedicated hosting, they have both similarities and unique features.

An exclusive or dedicated server enables you to navigate a piece of full machinery under operational control. You choose how to maintain and manage it. There is no competition when it comes to hosting resources as its all for your applications running into the device.

On the other hand, shared Hosting enables you to use resources with other web users. You don’t have complete control of the server’s operations unless your hosting provider provides tweaking abilities. If you’ll compare both solutions, shared hosting and dedicated hosting: the first one has restrictions though it’s also cost-effective compared to the latter.

The Difference Between Dedicated Hosting And Shared Hosting

When it comes to weighing your option, which type of web hosting is better, there are vital factors that you need to consider. From configuration, management, sharing, security, and more helps you identify which one suits your business needs.

Dedicated Hosting:

  • Dedicated Hosting offers full control over your website application.
  • Exclusive Hosting provides comprehensive maintenance and configuration command into your device.
  • Dedicated Hosting allows you to set specific parameters like server-power use or distribution and HDD storage available to every application.
  • Dedicated Hosting is best suitable for highly customizable configuration requirements.
  • Dedicated Hosting offers growth opportunities, and you can quickly scale your business with this hosting solution.

Shared Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting is ideal for small or startup businesses that do not need any management activities.
  • Shared Hosting offers affordable pricing solutions compared to exclusive Hosting.
  • Shared Hosting allows you to access your server’s data contents or directories to popular CMS platforms.

When it comes to server site performance, dedicated hosting offers total control of what you want to do with your resources. Shared Hosting has restrictions due to the mixed-usage of sources with various web users.

When it comes to website security, dedicated hosting has better security protection than shared hosting vulnerability to threats and hacks. Nonetheless, determining the security level of your chosen service provider is vital to your business.

When it comes to hosting price, dedicated hosting is far more expensive than shared Hosting but can be worth the investment if you are planning to run your site applications exclusively.

Dedicated Hosting is recommended for:

Choose exclusive web hosting if you want full server-level navigation, and website uptime score is vital, or your site applications require more bandwidth.

Shared Hosting is recommended for:

Shared Hosting is best for small and startup businesses that need an easy and fast setup. It’s also ideal if you don’t want to deal with hardware maintenance and.


Selecting which hosting solution is not easy, but with the factors outlined, you can determine which hosting type best suits a business. With the benefits and setbacks present, decision-making is simplified and more accessible. Nonetheless, you can always check reliable reviews from people who’ve been intensively scanning web hosting performance and everything in between for a better overview.



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