A Selection of New Interesting Films of 2023

If you love movies and consider yourself a movie fan, then this article will be useful to you. These films presented below are distinguished by rather unusual, calm dramatic plots, you will have to watch carefully and delve into history. There is a lot of nature, beautiful landscapes, and few people. An amateur movie, interesting, but not for everyone.

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Above the World

  • Director: Adrian Goyginger.
  • Starring: Gerti Drassl, Verena Altenberger, Annalena Hochgruber, Carmen Gratl, Johannes Krisch, etc.
  • Drama.
  • Austria.

Elias lived in a village lost in the middle of the Alps, and his parents predicted that he would inherit the family farm. But this went against the aspirations of the young man – he dreamed of traveling, and not caring for animals all his life. And then his parents resisted his love for the older Moet… And one day the guy just shouldered a backpack with things on his back and went into the mountains, leaving his relatives perplexed… He built himself a hut by the lake and began to live in proud solitude among the beautiful peaks. Here he felt in harmony with himself and the world. But still, in the depths of his heart, the sadness for that girl did not subside…

Las Consecuencias

  • Director: Claudio Pinto.
  • Starring: Jauna Acosta, Maria Romanillos, Alfredo Castro, Carmen Elias, Sonia Almarcha,
  • Drama.
  • Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Fabiola was already over forty and had a daughter, but the relationship with her own elderly mother left much to be desired. Every trip to her mother, who lives on a remote island, brought her suffering – it was all about a tragic childhood incident that once crossed out her life before and after – that was when her mother left them with her father… Another trip with her family to the island to spend a vacation there in an old house, again awakened images of the past in Fabiola – her soul was numb from them. Could this woman ever find peace of mind?…

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

  • Director: Robert Machoyan.
  • Starring: Jordana Brewster, Klein Crawford, Colt Crawford, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carl Kennedy, etc.
  • Drama.
  • The USA.

Joseph was an exemplary family man: he loved his beautiful wife and was a kind father to his daughters, but lately, he began to get tired of the routine of family life. And hunting trips became an outlet for him – his father also hunted in the local mountains, and it was a pleasure for him to wander through the forest with a gun at the ready, although his wife grumbled at it more and more often… Once again, Joseph decided to hunt without friends, alone. But this time he was not destined to rest quietly…

True Spirit

  • Director: Sarah Spillane
  • Actors: Anna Paquin, Cliff Curtis, Tegan Croft, Josh Lawson
  • Adventures
  • USA, Australia

Australian Jessica Watson went on a yacht with her family from a young age and every year her fascination with the ocean only grew. Already at the age of fourteen, she announced to her parents that she would go on a trip around the world and they supported her. Serious preparations for solo swimming began, which the whole country followed with bated breath: someone admired the girl’s courage, and someone spoke with condemnation about the parents indulging the child’s recklessness.

Sixteen–year–old Jessica’s trial trip to the open ocean ended in failure – her small boat collided with a huge cargo ship, which gave reason to praise the defenders of children’s rights. And the government began to develop a law that would not allow a teenager to participate in a dangerous adventure. However, despite the surrounding opposition, stubborn Jessica will do everything in her own way.



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