5 Things You Should Not Use as Toys for Masturbation

Masturbation only needs a moment’s notice to please yourself. Today, there are a lot of masturbation toys to choose from for both sexes and couples. Things like a vibrator, an ftm stroker, a massager, and a silicone egg are just a few examples of professional toys you can use to treat yourself. Some people like to use life-like toys such as dolls to masturbate, too. For example, dolls like wm dolls can be a lot more safe and pleasurable than using an item that isn’t built for sexual activity. Just because you can masturbate with something does not mean you should use it because it could be inappropriate.Remember, you are using it to go around or in your genitals. For this reason, you need to ensure what you are using will not irritate or infect you. Buy dame products for the right masturbation toys that many people have approved of. As you read on are some things you should avoid using for masturbation purposes for the sake of your sexual health.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Avoid getting any masturbation toy ideas when you see a banana, cucumber, zucchini, among other vegetables with a similar shape. Using food will disappoint you as it falls apart. Since it is not as resilient as sex toys. Also, they are exposed to chemicals and an array of bacteria that your vagina is not friendly with. Thus, it can make your genitals irritated or inflamed. If you have a size problem, you might insert a monster eggplant, for example, that you will have to force in your vagina and it will be hurtful for you. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are not the best bet. It is best to buy a toy designed to go inside you from various sex stores.

2. Candles

Many candles seem like great substitute sex toys, but they are not. Thus, if you are an enterprising individual trying to repurpose a candle for masturbation purposes, it is best to avoid them. The way you would avoid a phallic vegetable or fruit, is for the same reasons you should leave out the candles for your masturbation trials. For one, they can easily break inside you, size is another thing to consider here. Candles are of various types and their thickness ranges. Décor wise they are great additions, but for your genitals, they are not.

3. Your hands

Most people use their hands as masturbation toys. Although they can be considered safe, if you have dirty and sharp fingernails they are a threat to your vagina, vulva, and anus. Jagged or sharp nails can cause abrasions to sensitive genital parts. Hence, leaving your genital tissues, irritated, inflamed, and uncomfortable. Since the abrasions create openings, you become more susceptible to getting STIs for pathogens can easily enter. Thus, it is safe and better to buy a sex toy that is intended for masturbation purposes.

4. An electric toothbrush 

An electric toothbrush vibrates and is long. Given this is how they function one can feel it’s okay to use it as a sex toy. However, sex experts advise against using them. The bristles will irritate your clitoris, as much as they seem great for stimulating it. Plus, they can cause abrasions that make you susceptible to getting an infection. This also applies if you use the toothbrush for penetration, you might tear, scratch, or inflame your tissues. A used toothbrush is worse as you open yourself to more bacteria and irritation. Instead of going through all these, purchase a standard sex toy for it feels a whole lot better.

5. A hairbrush

It is best to keep hairbrushes out of your bedroom, even though they seem good for textured stimulation. The bristles can easily irritate and cut your vagina, vulva, and anus. Which is not what you will want to achieve with a good masturbation session. It feels safer using your hairbrush handle with a condom instead of the bristled end. However, it is not encouraged, as a hairbrush is meant to simply brush your hair.

To conclude, you can enjoy a masturbation session in a hot steamy shower or the comfort of your bed. These solo sessions have no right or wrong way. But sometimes pleasing yourself can go awry because of using the wrong things for masturbation as those mentioned above. Therefore, you must be sexually aware of what you should not put in your genitals. Find the best masturbation toys for you depending on the kind of pleasure that you seek as there is an array of them in the market.



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