5 examples of mid-century modern coffee tables

The mid-century modern style of furniture is characterized by a stylish and modern aesthetic, popularized first in the nineteen fifties era. The design’s popular features include the use of clean and simple lines. Moreover, it often takes a minimalist approach as most of the pieces do not contain decorations or extra embellishments. You can get a lot of furniture pieces in this design, such as sofas, office desks, or even coffee tables. A mid century modern coffee table will help to elevate your house decor to a new classy level. Below we have outlined a few examples that you can consider for your home:

1. Saluki two-tier coffee table

Home decor requires that you maintain a delicate balance of not only getting a stylish piece but a functional one as well. The Saluki mid century coffee table is one such piece since, unlike the common coffee tables, this one is multilayered. This extra feature and unique design make it artsy and catching to the eye. It will make an excellent addition to your living room and is quite advantageous due to the additional functionality. You will be able to hold more items on your table, be it a flower vase, or tea set.

2. Platner coffee table

A true embodiment of mid-modern century furniture, the Platner coffee table boasts a unique design that has charmed many down through the years. One of the famous and outstanding features of this coffee table is the decorative, gentle graceful shape that it has, which is made possible by the multiple steel rods that act as the base of the coffee table. The top is a circular shape of tempered glass which is beautiful and elegant. If you are looking for something classy to add to your living room, then this coffee table is the way to go.

3. Theoline Solid Walnut coffee table

This retro-style air wing-shaped coffee table by La Redoute has a rich dark brown color which helps to create a warm, clean vibe. The table comes in either a small or a large size, which allows you more freedom depending on your space. It also has a simple minimalist design and a sleek finish.

4. The Art Display coffee table by West Elm

This coffee table is two-tiered and doubles on functionality as well as style. The coffee table has an airy glass top which allows a person to see through the bottom tier. You could stack a couple of magazines or books, both of which are great conversation starters when you have friends over. You may alternatively consider placing an art piece such as a sculpture in the bottom tier. This will help add a touch of sophistication and individuality.

5. Pavilion coffee table

This Ludwig Mies van der Rohe style table is designed with a top thick layer of tempered glass that has a beveled edge. In the fashion of the pioneer’s style, the Pavilion table achieves the ‘less is more’ effect due to its simplistic yet modern design. The tempered glass is supported by a piece of stainless steel cross-based frame.



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