4 Tips for Moving House When It Comes to Possessions

Moving house can be stressful, especially when we start to think about how many objects we will need to transition between one home and another. It is very likely that these are items that we have accumulated over the years, which now present us with a logistical challenge. Even when we enlist the help of a moving firm, we still find ourselves worrying about how it is all going to go on the day.

There is a solution, though, and that is to look for storage space near you. By reading this article, you will learn about four ways that can help to make moving house easier.

Self-Storage Units

Any storage space that can house items before moving day gains us an advantage when it comes to creating a stress-free move for ourselves.

Once a storage unit is booked, we can plan our move by starting to transition items into it that may or may not end up inside our new home. These can be items that we have not quite decided about in the long term. We just want to settle into our new home first and then think about it.

Items that are difficult to move, and are good to take away from our moving day inventory can include:

  • Wardrobes.
  • Spare Beds.
  • Surplus chairs.
  • Precious items (that might be damaged in transit during a move).

It makes sense to protect certain items as well as take the difficult items out of the equation when they are cumbersome or tricky to deal with.

Label Items Well

We cannot stress enough the importance of putting a good label on each box that is descriptive enough to remind us of its contents. There is nothing more frustrating than rummaging through a box to find an item that you have packed without much thought. Removal firms can pack for you, but that can make finding something more difficult when you have not done it yourself.

It is worth buying a pack of white labels for this purpose. Also, a black marker pen as opposed to a biro so that what you write on the labels will clearly show from a distance.

Emergency Box

When we say emergency box, we mean a box that contains the items that you will need as soon as you move into the new home. This could be the items that you will need on the first day of moving in.

Emergency items might include:

  • Essential medication.
  • A list of emergency contact numbers.
  • Baby and pet supplies.
  • Spare glasses.
  • A kettle or teapot with a jar of coffee, tea bags, and sugar.
  • Cash and credit cards, if not housed within a wallet and on your person.

You should look to include anything in this box that you, your family, or your pet could not do without in the short term. If we cannot carry the items upon our person, then we should look to put them inside this box. We should mark the box as an emergency box and perhaps put a red mark on it to make it very clear. Who knows how many boxes we might end up having by the end of packing?


Make use of suitcases like you would on holiday. You can pack clothes into these. Otherwise, you will have the clothes take up other spaces.

You could look to protect precious ornaments inside hard suitcases. Internal packaging could include bubble wrap as this is very protective. Tissue paper is good as the first material to wrap a precious item in. Some items will not benefit from sweating, which they might do if wrapped directly in bubble wrap.

Think about items knocking together during transit when you consider your internal packaging. Separate your items between layers.

If you follow these four tips, then you will make your move much smoother. Do not forget about self-storage units as a way to transition items at your pace between your old and new house. It could prove to be a good strategic move.



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