4 Signs Your Elderly Parents Might Need Care

It can be hard to think of your parents needing any help, especially if they have been your rock since the day you were born, but everybody needs a bit of support at some time, or another and aging can mean you’re not able to do the same things you used to. When your parents get to a certain age, it’s important to be mindful of some of the tell-tale signs that they might not be coping as well anymore with independent living, and below are four examples of the kind of things you should look out for.

1. Memory Loss

Forgetting the odd thing once in a while is perfectly normal; even young minds draw blanks on occasion. However, if your parent is becoming increasingly forgetful and are even struggling to recognize you or other family members they are familiar with, this could be a sign of dementia. You should take them to the doctor as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis, but if this is left unchecked for too long, it could lead to more high-risk situations as they get more confused. If they do have dementia, specialist memory care will be required.

2. A Decline in Personal Hygiene

Another indicator that your parent might need some more support is if you have seen a decline in their hygiene. This could be due to several things, dementia is one, but also it could be that they struggle to support themselves in the shower or get out of the bath due to physical pain or a lack of strength, or it might be that they’re feeling depressed. If it isn’t due to dementia, your parent might be better off in an assisted living facility. This way, they will have someone who can help them with bathing, grooming, and other daily tasks. You can see an example of this kind of service at Brentwood senior living in Missouri.

3. They Say They’re Lonely

Loneliness is a big issue amongst the senior community, and if one of your parents has already passed or is single, living alone in their old age might be difficult for them. Even if you try to visit as often as possible, having friends to socialize with is important and something your parent needs. If this is a problem for them, perhaps looking at moving into a retirement home could be a good solution? This would be ideal if they are still capable of looking after themselves but just want some company.

4. They Need Help with Managing Medication

If your parent has been prescribed medication from their doctor, they need to take it, but if they are becoming forgetful or are reluctant to take their medication, this could be a problem. If you have noticed that your parent isn’t managing their medication properly, hiring someone to come in and do this for them, or moving them to a facility that provides that service, should be looked into.

These are just a few signs that your elderly parent might need some help to manage their daily lives. If you’re concerned about your parent’s well-being, do some research into the different care options and discuss these with them to find something right for everyone.



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